5 Smart home technology trends that add value to our lives

5 Smart home technology trends that add value to our lives

Technology has many advantages in our lives and one of them is the introduction of smart home technology trends.

The ability to remotely control everything in our houses from our phone or tablet is what technology has gracefully gifted us.

Gone are the days when you leave your house with fear in your heart that something bad might happen like a fire or a robbery.

Smart Home technology trends have come to break that cycle.

Now houses are fully able to stay protected from any harm and alarm you with unusual happenings that might occur whether you are inside or outside the house.

We give you here 5 Smart home technology trends that add value to our lives.

1- Smart Thermostats

Smart Thermostats

Allowing you to control home heating/air conditioning when outside the house is something that smart thermostats do.

They operate wirelessly through the use of smartphones or tablets.

That’s not all as smart thermostats record the temperature outside the house and adjust the temperature inside accordingly.

You can also program them to turn on the heating as soon as they sense a person is in the room.

Some smart thermostats programs allow users to check your daily/weekly/monthly usage.

And for those who tend to forget to turn off their heaters or air conditioners while outside the house, smart thermostats programs allow house owners to easily switch heaters off, thus saving more energy.

2- Smart Locks

Smart Locks

Out with the old and in with the new!

Gone are the days of the standard key locks that have zero safety.

Smart locks allow homeowners to remotely control who can have access to the house.

Known to be digital keyless door locks, smart locks can also be programmed to allow access during a specific period of time.

Let’s say you are outside the house, you can program your smart lock to allow your cleaning service in during a window of time that you choose.

Also, smart locks programs can identify your family members or friends based on their fingerprints or through facial recognition systems to unlock the door and allow them inside the house.

3- Smart Security Systems

Smart Security Systems

Monitoring our house’s safety is something that concerns all homeowners.

This is why smart security systems are the safest and best solution especially for homeowners that are never in the house.

Through the use of audio and video monitoring systems in addition to movement monitoring devices, homeowners will be able to see, hear and sense intruders in their houses.

Some smart security systems also have siren alarms that turn on when burglars break into the house.

Above all of that, smart security systems can alert you in case you went out and left a window open or even better, it can alert you in case you get in the house and forgot to close the door.

4- Smart Lighting

Smart Lighting

Smart Lighting systems can add to your house’s safety as well.

Homeowners use smart lighting especially if they are outside of the house to create the illusion of movement in the house.

Besides their safety functions, smart lighting systems give homeowners full control over their lights.

They automatically turn off lights during the day and turn them on during night time.

That’s not all as they can be used also to turn lights on whenever a motion is detected inside the house.

5- Smart Smoke Alarm

Smart Smoke Alarm

Standard smoke detectors alarm homeowners whenever they are in the house.

But the smart smoke alarms will remotely alarm you whenever there is a smoke or fire detected in your house while you are out.

What is even more fascinating about smart smoke alarm is that they have the ability to detect the quality of smoke.

Not every smoke is considered a fire!

Smart smoke alarms can know the difference between a burnt toast and actual fire smoke.

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