7 tips for decorating your home from scratch

7 tips for decorating your home from scratch

Decorating your home from scratch is fun, exciting and scary all at the same time. Nevertheless, it’s a job that is extremely satisfying as you get to decorate and furnish your entire home according to your taste and style.

The scary part though lies in these questions: where do you start? What fabrics do you choose? What colors to opt for?

In order to master the job of decorating your home from scratch, you need to plan everything carefully, do list writing, set a budget, and not rush into things.

We rounded up 7 tips for decorating your home from scratch.

1- Don’t spend it all at once


Identify what you want exactly and don’t spend all your money at once. It is important here to know where to spend and where to save. Set a budget for yourself and just try to ignore buying that fancy and expensive vase for now.

Decorating your home from scratch requires being extremely decisive in your purchasing decisions so as not to waste it all at once.

2- Identify your style


To make sure you spend your money where it should go, you should identify your style. Are you are the person who loves the traditional style, contemporary or a little bit of both.

You can hire an interior designer who will offer you great help and will spend some time showing you images and samples of different decorating style so you can set your mind.

3- Start one room at a time


When you are working on an entire house, it is advisable to break it down into rooms then into parts. Let’s say you decided to start with the bedroom. You start by choosing the bed, mattress, bed sheets, accessories then you move to window treatments.

Breaking the house into room and room into corners will make you do your job efficiently than ever and get the job done in no time.

4- Mix and match


A house looks alive when it blends between different decorating styles. Mixing and matching between styles will make the house more vibrant and inviting than ever.

Having a house that is a copy of a furniture showroom can be exciting at first but soon it will look boring and dull.

5- Choose the colour of your fabrics wisely

decorating your home - choose

The color of your fabrics will determine the color of your walls. We are not talking about matching colors of course, but once you set your mind on the color and patterns of the furniture fabrics, you will get a clearer idea on what colors best suit your walls.

If you go the other way round, you will end up changing the fabrics once again or live with a color you think ugly for long period of time.

6- Measure your space

decorating your home - measure

The number one rule in decorating your home is to measure your space and add pieces that fit your space. You should also know that a big space doesn’t necessarily need a large number of furniture.

Many homeowners fall into the trap of purchasing furniture pieces that won’t get through the room’s door. Measuring your space will also give you a hint on the suitable size of furniture to purchase.

7- Take it easy

decorating your home

Most importantly, don’t stress over the matter and enjoy decorating your own home. It’s fun, exciting and entertaining only if you want it to be.

You are your own boss when it comes to decorating your own home from scratch. The sky is your limit. Just learn to take things easy and you will have a blast while so.

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