5 Easy and cheap DIY Christmas decor ideas

Nov 7, 2018

Christmas is just around the corner, it is the season of festivities. For many people, hanging Christmas decor may even be more festive than the event itself. If you are one of the decor enthusiasts and do not want to go overboard, you may want to try your hands at some DIY Christmas decor.

DIY Christmas decor is a brilliant idea to celebrate Christmas before it’s even here, you get to have fun creating all these decorations and you feel a 100 times better about your decorated house when you have made the decorations yourself.

So, here are some easy DIY Christmas decor ideas that you can try to make yourself this year.

1- Cupcake wrapper trees

It couldn’t get any simpler than this. All you need for this DIY Christmas decor is cupcakes wrappers in festive Christmas-y colors and some tiny stars to match. To make them even more tree like, get three different sizes of the cupcake wrappers.

Fold each one in two to get a cone, hot glue it to the next one, repeat until you get a tree of three wrappers. Add the star on top and voila, you are done!

You can use these cute trees to decorate your kitchen, or let your kids make them  to decorate their rooms. For a fancy touch, you can make a garland out of tiny trees and hang it.

2- Upgrade your candles

This is a very easy DIY project that will pamper your senses. All you need is some simple white candles, they can be unscented or vanilla scented, either will do, some metal or glass coasters and cinnamon sticks. If you are adventurous you can mix in a couple of orange scented candles as well.

Use hot glue to stick the candle to the coaster and to line up the cinnamon sticks around the candle, and finish with a lovely ribbon tied in a bow.

Put the candles in one group on a table or in different places around the house.

3- Upgrade your candy display

Having some Christmas candies on display is a very good idea to infuse the house with merriment, and a tasty way as well.

There are several ways to do that, for instance you can get a bunch of candy canes, align them in a short clear vase or a wide clear glass, and tie a red bow around the vase.

Or, you can get a large glass bowl, or a tall glass vase, some red, white and green candies, and layer them in color coded layers. Add a beautiful bow to finish the display and you are done.

4- Handmade Honeycomb Wreath

This fun looking wreath is made of toilet roll and paper towel tubes and some paper jingle bells. You can start your wreath by saving some cardboard tubes as you are going to need quite a few, different diameters will lead to a more diverse look.

Use a sharp knife to cut each tube into two-inch slices. You can also keep it rough and not measure for a more rustic look just cut the toilet paper roll tube into two pieces and the kitchen roll tube into three pieces.

When you are finished cutting all the pieces it’s up to you to decorate them, you can use spray paint, some glitter and glue or wrapping paper, or even some water colors.

When everything is nice and dry, lay a large kitchen plastic bowl (around six inches would be good) on a flat surface with the rim facing down. Assemble the cardboard pieces around the bowl as you wish and hot-glue the pieces where their sides meet.

Again, it is up to you to decorate your wreath as you wish at this step, you can put some cardboard jingle bells in some tubes, you can put some vintage colored lamps or you can put some dried flowers and leaves.

5- Turn throw pillows into Christmas presents

A very easy DIY Christmas decor and the only thing you will need are some satin ribbons and the throw pillows you probably already have on your couch.

Just tie the colorful ribbons around the throw pillows to make them look like presents and your living room is ready for Christmas.