5 home appliances that will cost less to replace when they malfunction than to repair

5 home appliances that will cost less to replace when they malfunction than to repair

Home appliances are no more than machines that are bound to eventually wear out. Most of the time you need to repair them after a few years to keep them running for long periods of time. But over time, the repairs tend to become more frequent and too costly that it becomes much cheaper and cost-effective to purchase a new appliance than to repair your old one.

Your home appliances are probably showing signs and giving you hints to consider replacing and stopping repairing. Here are 5 home appliances and their common problems that are definite signs it’s time to start considering an upgrade.

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1- Refrigerators


If your fridge is more than 15 years old, you should consider upgrading as they are not meant to last forever

When you start noticing that your freezer isn’t freezing your food properly or worse, your food gets spoiled faster than it should; that’s when you should start shopping for new fridges.

And if the back of the fridge starts to feel warmer than it should – which should not happen since coils are insulated – then your motor is probably not working well.

The older your refrigerator gets, the higher its repairing costs will get.

When your maintenance costs are half the price of a new fridge, then consider buying a new one.

2- Air Conditioner

Air Conditioner

When your house suddenly starts to smell like dust when your air conditioner is on, then there is definitely a leak in the ductwork.

Leaks in ductwork can also cause cooling and humidity inconsistencies that might as well be due to a malfunction in the AC equipment itself.

That’s not all as excessive noise coming from AC can be a sign that the unit’s indoor coil is malfunctioning.

If your air conditioner showed any of the above signs especially if it’s more than 15 years old, then spare yourself the money and trouble of repairing and just buy a new one.

3- Washing Machine

Washing Machine

A walking washing machine is never a comforting thing.

When your washing machine starts to move while spinning clothes and making excessive noise in the process; then your motor or drum needs to be replaced.

And if your washing machine starts leaking water, then chances are its water hose has probably worn out and became loose or the tub is cracked.

These repairs may not cost as much as buying a new washing machine, but it will be a matter of time till they reoccur again especially if the appliance is more than eight years old.

4- Dishwasher


If your dishwasher doesn’t drain and you find water left in the bottom, then here is your first warning sign that it’s time to replace it.

Another sign would be your dishes coming out anything but warm and steamy.

As you all know, the dishwasher’s heating coil heats up your tap water to clean and sanitize dishes, hence warm and steamy dishes.

So if that is not the case with your dishwasher, then your dishwasher’s heating mechanism has malfunctioned.

Like washing machines, your dishwasher is designed to keep water and soap inside to clean dishes.

Hence, if it is leaking while running then it’s about time to consider replacing it.

5- Oven


Your oven will usually start giving you warning signs that it’s time to replace and upgrade.

Typical ovens last up to 20 years, but their lifespan differs according to usage though.

One thing that homeowners usually ignore is a cracked door glass that probably won’t stand the heat properly as well as take food extra time to cook, which means more excessive energy usage.

Also, repeated igniter failure is another sign to start looking for a newer oven.

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