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6 Major Home Renovations you should never do by yourself

Updated on Jun 28, 2017
6 Major Home Renovations you should never do by yourself

Some major home renovations are better left to the professionals and skilled handymen.

Not everything in our houses can be fixed using a hammer and a drill.

Mistakenly thinking that a small leakage can be fixed without resorting to an expert can end up causing, even more, damage.

By doing so we are not only risking getting hurt but also, we are putting our entire house at risk.

This is why when it comes to major home renovations; here are the ones you should never do yourself.

1- Electrical works

Electrical works

Works that involve replacing a light bulb are easy to do and don’t require professional assistance.

However, if the electrical works around the house fall withing the category of major home renovations like replacing circuits for instance, then you ought to opt for the pros.

Doing the electrical works by yourself will only endanger you and your house.

You will probably end up making things even worse than they already are.

So, the next time you notice an electrical problem around the house; just give a call to your handyman.

2- Plumping works

Plumping works

We are not talking about changing a showerhead or a faulty faucet.

And if you think you are capable of fixing a small leakage, then think again.

Small leakages are the worst if they are not dealt with probably and could lead to major damage.

Plumbing works, in particular, can escalate to major problems in the blink of an eye if not caught in time and attended to by a professional.

3- Tile works

Tile works

As easy and cheap as it may sound, but tile works are actually tricky if you are not familiar with the process.

Besides requiring careful measuring and cutting, tile works can get really messy while installing.

And if not installed right, re-doing the work again will cost you a lot.

Whether you are doing your walls or floors, tile works should be left to the experts.

They will get the job done in no time and you will get the look you want from the first time.

4- Major structural changes

Major structural changes

Major structural changes if done with minimum knowledge about their know-how, are jeopardising the occurrence of major damage to your house’s foundation.

Removing a wall, for instance, is no job to be done by an amateur homeowner.

If you removed a wall – to widen the space – that is supporting the roof above it, you are risking the roof to collapse on top of you.

That is not all, as gas pipes and electrical wires are sometimes hidden behind walls, which can cause major damage to your house’s entire structure if not taken into consideration.

5- Mould remediation

Mould remediation

Unless your mould is on the surface and on a small scale, you will definitely require the help of an expert.

Some moulds are toxic and unless you know for sure the mould isn’t going to affect your health, then you should not be treating it yourself.

Some moulds will require tools to be removed that you don’t have around the house, like those moulds found inside of walls.

And whether you know how to do the job or not; it is preferable to resort to professionals who will save you both time and money.

6- Installing Windows

Installing Windows

Just because you saw a couple of videos on how to install a window, doesn’t necessarily mean you can actually do it.

The improper installation of a window can result in water leakages during heavy rain showers that can lead to your entire house being flooded with water.

Installing a window in a wrong way can also result in air leakage which will lessen the efficiency of your air conditioning during winter or summer and lead to high electricity bills as well.

Save yourself the trouble of getting into much more trouble by hiring an expert to install your windows.