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9 creative ways you can use greenery to decorate your house

Last updated on March 10, 2019 13:03 pm

Greenery doesn’t only transform any space and make it feel more bright, lively, and gorgeous, but also it cost way less to use greenery to decorate your house.

If you wish to add a taste of the outdoors to your interior décor, then decorating your house with greenery is the perfect way to do that.

Plants and flowers have the ability to revitalize your space as well as set the mood straight. They are also a healthy choice to adopt for they aren't only appealing to the eyes, but also they help clear the air of any pollutants as well as help you relax and de-stress.

Here we present you with 9 creative ways you can use greenery to decorate your house.

1. Decorate existing items

Decorate existing items

Whether it is a picture frame, a clock, a mirror or even a bed frame; you can always decorate them with greenery by layering them with tree cuttings for instance. You will give life to a dull frame and spruce up your space by doing this simple yet productive trick to your space.

2. Plant wall art

Plant wall art

Create your own unique collection of hanging plants to brighten up your walls. From air plant vessels, window box planters, hanging glass planter or framed planters; the sky is your limit when it comes to transforming your boring and plain wall to a lavish one.

3. Potted Plants in living rooms

Potted Plants in living rooms

Give your living room a new lease of life by adding some potted plants to an empty corner. A change that won’t cost you much but will make a great difference in the way your living room look and feel. Whatever decoration style you chose for your living room, potted plants will blend in seamlessly and become an amazing addition.

4. Make a spot for greenery in your bathroom

Make a spot for greenery in your bathroom

Whether your bathroom is small or big; you can always make a spot for greenery in it. If you have a windowsill or a bathtub ledge; you can add small potted and colourful plants. You can also stash a plant on the soap and lotion shelf. The most important thing here is to make sure all bathroom greeneries are facing sunlight for them to survive and livens up your bathroom by adding colour and texture to it.

5. A touch of nature to your balcony

A touch of nature to your balcony

Transform your balcony into a welcoming oasis that helps you unwind and disconnect from the city's hustle and bustle. You can place plants on all sides and create the garden-like feel. And if your balcony isn’t spacious enough, you can always hang plants on the outside of the railing or place small pots of plants on one side and a small chair on the other side where you can enjoy the lovely morning breeze amidst nature's beauty.

6. Trade your bedside lamp with greenery

Trade your bedside lamp with greenery

Adding a touch of green to a bedroom can really set your mood straight and promote peace of mind and calmness. Instead of placing a bedside lamp, try replacing it with a pot of colourful flowers or hang them on the wall. You can turn your bedroom into a minimalist enchanted forest. Plants are always a welcome addition to any room.

7. Throw your old tablecloth

Throw your old tablecloth

Forget all about your worn out tablecloth and decorate your dining table with a stack of plants that adds life to your dining room. You can use all sorts and types of plants and flowers and create an eye-catching focal point in your dining area. By mixing a variety of vessels and plants; you can create a unique dining table. This is considered an ideal way to use greenery to decorate your house.

8. Plant chandelier

Plant chandelier

Why hang an ordinary chandelier when you can replace it with chandelier with growing upside down plants. Plants chandeliers are considered a contemporary lighting design that can be used in kitchens as well as living rooms, bedroom and bathrooms to shine them up in a unique and refreshing way.

9. Create a unique plant corner

Create a unique plant corner

If your space allows it; you can create your own plant corner where you can add different layers of plants. Use large and tiny pots and create different levels of plants as well as long draping plants, cactus, ferns. You can also rely on flowers to spice up your plant corner and add an appeal to it.

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