Home cleaning: common mistakes to avoid to make your home sparkle

Home cleaning: common mistakes to avoid to make your home sparkle


Every Friday, when you wake up and take your coffee, decide to clean your lovely home, and you discover that the house is not clean despite you cleaning it last week! Did you ever think about why it happened? Cleaning is the key to keep a tidy and healthy home. Cleaning the wrong way can lead to frustrations, wasted time, and even need for replacements, so you need to know the mistakes and try to avoid these common home cleaning mistakes. Here are the top 10 common mistakes to avoid, so you can save your time and effort.


Mistake 1: Using the same rag around the house

When you use the same rag around the house, it will be dirty and the cloth hangs on to the grime from a surface to another rather than removing it, which means bathroom germs will get wiped to the kitchen. 

How to fix it: Make sure you use a new sheet of paper towel or a clean cloth for each surface,  or have a microfiber cleaning cloth for each area of your home with an appropriate cleaning solution, depending on the surface being dusted.


Mistake 2: Combining cleaning products

People think that if mixing one product with another one will make it even better, but in fact, combining common cleaning products is a mistake in home cleaning, because some mixes can be very dangerous, as not only can damage surfaces like carpet but also fumes can damage your health. Never mix your cleaners unless the manufacturer indicates to do so. 



Mistake 3: Not cleaning the Vacuum first

When a vacuum filter hasn’t been cleaned, the vacuum will be unable to pick up as much dirt and dust as it should, and also the dirt will blow back into the air and carpet.

How to fix it: Change or empty vacuum bags immediately after they become full. Wipe vacuum attachments, the hose, and the vent, then moisten a paper towel with alcohol and clean the brush to remove the dirt in it.


Mistake 4: Using the Wrong Cleaning Products

People assume that when it comes to home cleaning, more products will be better. Using too many tools or the wrong cleaner tool is just wasting your time and energy, and it may be too hard and damaged parts of your home. For example, Vinegar can etch stone surfaces. 

To avoid this home cleaning mistake, make sure you know which cleaners to use where, as well as use the recommended amount of the cleaning product.


Mistake 5: Spraying surfaces directly

Spraying a cleaner directly onto furniture can build-up that’s tough to remove and leading to greasy furniture. This also could cause dirt and dust to stick to them more.

How to fix it: to avoid this, spray a cleaning tool on a cloth or a microfiber then wipe it on the surface.



Mistake 6: Quick cleaning

Some people have no idea where to start cleaning. When sweeping or vacuuming the floor before cleaning the furniture, dust and crumbs fall from tables, counters, and shelves, requiring you to re-clean the floor. So you need when cleaning the room, start from the top to down. Start with windows to tables, counters, and chairs, ending with the floor.  

Always remember these steps and you will not make this mistake again.


Mistake 7: Cleaning windows on a sunny day

Experts say that it’s better to clean the window on cloudy days, not on sunny days. This is because the heat from the sun will cause the glass window pane and dry the cleaning fluid more quickly, potentially leaving smears.


Mistake 8: Putting the toilet brush in its place after use

If the toilet brush is placed right back into its holder, the germs get trapped in the brush and its holder. These germs spread into your toilet the next time the brush used.

How to fix it: After cleaning, spray the brush with disinfectant, wash it, and then let it dry completely before returning it to its place. 


Mistake 9: Using too much water

Using too much water can wear out the material and fade the colors. Some fabrics are damaged by water, or won’t dry out causing mildew. As well as, avoid applying water to metal components, this could result in rust.



Mistake 10: Skipping the Sink

Sinks rapidly grow germs and bacteria due to being a moist environment where food particles tend to get stuck. This issue compounded when food or standing water left in the sink.

How to fix it: Wipe down the sink after each use.


Finally, if you’re making common home cleaning mistakes simply because you’re so pressed for time, you can call a cleaning services company.


How to make a cleaning schedule?

Having kids can make it challenging to keep your house clean. At the same time, it’s much more enjoyable to relax in a clean home. But where will you find the time and the energy to keep up with your housework throughout a busy week? Make a schedule. A home cleaning schedule is essential if you want a clean and tidy home. A regular schedule will ensure no areas missed and that every area is well cleaned. Follow these few steps:

– Break up cleaning tasks into daily, weekly, and monthly events.


– Daily tasks include:


1- Straightening out the bedding can transform a room almost instantly, You don’t need to change the sheets every day.

2- You may not need to do the laundry every day, but for families with children who regularly stain their clothes with food and paints, it’s better to wash stains out immediately.

3- Put away clean clothes. Once your clothes are clean and dry, hang them in a closet or fold and place them into drawers.

4- Whether you hand wash your dishes or load them into a dishwasher, you should try to clean all your plates, bowls, and cutlery on the day that you use them. Unclean plates can grow mold, creating potentially hazardous particles that can cause illness.

5- Wipe the kitchen surfaces. After any food preparation, it’s necessary to wipe down worktops with an antibacterial cleaner to prevent germs from multiplying. 

6-  After the children have gone to bed, spend ten minutes simply cleaning up toys,   hanging up coats, putting away shoes, and other related tasks. This will create a clean, safe floor space for the next morning.

7- Give a quick vacuum. Just quickly sucking up all the dust, dirt, and germs that have accumulated throughout the day will make a big difference to the cleanliness of your home.


–  Weekly tasks mean thorough cleans of appliances, floors, and rooms like the bathroom.


– Monthly tasks include cleaning the windows, and furniture.

– If you live with roommates or family members, don’t work alone!. Make sure you get them involved in the home cleaning routine. Ask them for help.



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