Storage box: How to organize your home with storage boxes

Storage box: How to organize your home with storage boxes

Is there anything more important than having a storage box in your home? Every home needs a large number of storage boxes, especially if you have to deal with clothes, shoes, children’s toys, paper drawings, and all those other things that mess and may seem out of control inside your home. You’ll find many shapes and sizes from large storage boxes with lids, which are perfect for collecting clutter, clothes storage boxes that allow you to change your wardrobe with the seasons while keeping your favorite clothes in good condition, to stackable storage boxes that help get the most out of your storage space, or even vacuum storage bags for extra space.


Top ways to use storage box

There are multiple uses of storage boxes to prevent clutter in the home. Here are some of the top ways to use a storage box.


  • To store hair and skin products.
  • Use it as a shoebox.
  • Plastic storage bins are used to store food.
  • Store everything that doesn’t have a place.


How to choose your storage box?

You can choose a suitable storage box based on your needs, and you will definitely find a storage box that suits you and your home. There are several storage boxes in all shapes and sizes. They are made from various materials such as plastic, fiber, cardboard, and thick cotton fabrics. And you can find some storage boxes in the shape of a seat that has storage space inside.


* Before you choose a storage box, you need to ask yourself what you are you going to use it for:


– Will you use the storage box indoors, outdoors, or both?

– Do you want an easy-to-carry storage box to take with you on vacation or for a camping trip?

– What will you put in the box: lightweight materials or heavy things?

– Where will you keep the box in your house: in the office, kitchen, or bedroom?

– Want a box that can be folded and reused?

– Do you need a storage box to move from your home?


*Once you have answered these questions, you can choose the right storage box for you. And now, you need to know about the types of materials of boxes you prefer to store your items. 


Types of storage box


Cardboard Box

Cardboard boxes are one of the most popular options for storage. They come with several advantages, including:

  • It’s easy to transport and it has ergonomic handles that are easy to carry so that you can move them with minimal effort.
  • You can use it to store files or to pack your valuables when you get out of your home.
  •  Cardboard boxes are affordable.
  • Some cardboard storage boxes do not need any packing tape since the lid attaches securely to the box to keep the items stored inside.
  • The good cardboard storage box is foldable and reusable.
  • A variety of cardboard box sizes and shapes available so you can find a storage box to fit your items.


Disadvantage: it cannot get wet, and Heavy things cannot be carried with it.


How to DIY cardboard storage boxes with lids?


This is one of the easiest methods. First, you will need some tools like glue, scissors, and a ruler or cutter.



  • Lay the cardboard box down on the largest box side.
  • Draw a line around the box.
  • Draw a line on each corner from inside to outside.
  • Use a ruler, fold the sides where the line is drawn.
  • Fold the sides so lines are made. 
  • Use glue, attach the corners, and fold them in one corner, then fold the other flaps on top.


Plastic storage box

This plastic box is characterized by:

  • Lightweight and available with different colors and sizes.
  • Its prices are affordable.
  • It can be closed tightly.
  • Heavy items can be stored inside, unlike cardboard boxes.
  •  Food can be stored in it as it is chemically inactive with many food materials.
  • Plastic storage boxes can keep moisture out, preventing rain, and snow.
  • It can be opened easily, all you have to do is loosen the lid.


Fabric storage box

  • Soft enough to store clothes and accessories in.
  • It protects your stored items from dust because it has a tightly-fitting lid and a built-in grommet handle that makes it easy to lift.
  • It comes in many sizes and colors and can be easily folded when not used for easy storage.
  • Easy to clean with a damp cloth.
  • It comes at reasonable prices with good quality.


How to DIY fabric storage boxes?

Nothing is more beautiful than having a pretty fabric storage box. It’s easy to make one at home without effort.

Materials you will need:

  • A piece of thick fabric in two different colors.
  • Cardboard and cloth.
  • Cardboard box.
  • Ruler and scissors.



  • Select a cardboard box and cut out the handles.
  • Select the fabric, cut it, and wrap it around the outside.
  • Cut the second fabric and wrap it inside.
  • Use glue, stick the fabric to the cardboard neatly.
  • Inside, place a single piece of cardboard at the bottom of the box, so the cardboard box remains sturdy while you put your items inside.
  • Put glue inside, on each side of the cardboard box, then place the second fabric on it. 


Metal storage box

This type of box is available in different shapes and sizes, and it offers several advantages, including:

– It is ideally suited for storing heavy items.

– Metal storage bins are environmentally friendly due to their reusable design.

– It is more flexible than plastic or cardboard boxes, where it is almost impossible to open, so it is a safe alternative to other types of storage boxes.


*Despite these advantages, metal boxes are very traditional. However, you can spice up with some ideas that will make it more interesting. To avoid getting bored with metal storage boxes, you can paint them with colors that match the overall appearance of your living room, or you can mix and match them with furniture pieces and plants.


Wood storage box

  • It provides you with extra storage space.
  • Used to store books and magazines. The small boxes contain office supplies and cosmetics.
  • You can use the small wooden boxes as bedside cabinets, or as side tables next to your favorite sofa or chair. It’s also great for storing kids’ toys.
  • Easy to clean and made from durable materials for everyday use.
  • Locks can be placed on boxes. So, it is secure.



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