Decorating tips: 9 ways to create your own statement ceiling

Decorating tips: 9 ways to create your own statement ceiling

Ceilings are the fifth wall that usually goes unnoticed when decorating our houses. Decorating ceilings should be just as important as decorating any other surface in the house. Creating a statement ceiling is a decoration trend that has been going for a while now and one that many interior designers today are making use of to accentuate and define any room.

In order to achieve a distinctive look and create a statement ceiling, you need to adopt a bunch of adventurous designs to create game-changing ceilings.

We have compiled a list below of 9 ways to create your own statement ceiling.

1. Graphic Patterns

Graphic Patterns

Graphic patterns are trendy in 2018 and your ceiling deserves a touch of innovation. Graphic patterns add interest to a dull ceiling and spread a vibrant vibe all over your space. Whether you go for black and white patterns or colorful patterns, your ceiling will definitely stand out and impress.

2. Mirrors


If you think mirrors belong only on walls, then you are wrong. Ceiling mirrors add light and charm to any room. And even though they aren’t a popular choice, but the glossy finish they give what makes it a perfect choice for those seek and inviting and welcoming space.

3. Wallpapers


Colorful wallpaper lightens up your ceiling and spread joy all over your space. Wallpapers bring personality and character to your space. If you are looking to jazz up a dull ceiling, wallpapers are your go-to. This trend in decorating ceilings is today’s go-to decorating choice and it not going to slow down any time soon.

4. Beams


Ceiling beams create a certain charm and elegance to any room. Wood beams are an affordable choice to decorate your ceiling where they give the room a warm and cozy feeling thanks to exact look of real wood. This trend in decoration adds three-dimensional visual interest to your ceiling without having to spend a fortune.

5. Paint


That an obvious choice but somehow many homeowners miss it. Paint your ceiling with eccentric and unconventional colour that spice up your room and add some excitement to your space. Always go for darker or lighter shades than your walls or you can go crazy and paint your ceiling in a contrasting color and create a visually interesting and appealing space.

6. Light fixtures

Light fixtures

You can always use statement lighting fixtures to make your ceiling pop up and stand out. A standout fixture will surely draw the attention to your ceiling. Statement lighting fixtures will highlight your ceiling. Available in various sizes and styles, statement lighting fixtures create a dazzling glow that can hardly go unnoticed.

7. Medallions


Ceiling medallions trend has definitely made a huge comeback. They are the ideal way to decorate your ceiling. They add texture to any ceiling and style to the overall ambience of the room. They come in different shapes, colors and styles and the surely help in drawing attention to your ceiling and lighting fixture.

8. Art


Drawings on ceilings are another way to create a statement ceiling. By drawing on your ceiling, you will own the world’s largest art gallery right above your head. The sky is your limit when it comes to art ceilings. See the beauty that lies above you and gaze in its captivating and inspiring beauty that creates soothing yet wondrous ambience.

9. Trim and molding

Trim and molding

Ceiling trim and molding create visual interest and add detail and design to any ceiling. They are an excellent way to turn a plain ceiling into a masterpiece and give it an eccentric style as well as warmth and character.

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