Flooring, Tiling, and Parquet Fixing Services in Bahrain with Homefix
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Flooring, Tiling, and Parquet Fixing Services

Flooring, Tiling, and Parquet Fixing Services

Flooring, Tiling, and Parquet Fixing Services

Flooring and Parquet can easily get damaged especially in high-foot-traffic areas. And even if scratches, chips, and scuffs on wood floorings and laminate might seem impossible to repair, that’s actually not something to worry about. With the right materials and skills, some cosmetic repair work on the damaged areas can bring back your brand-new floor look in no time.

Flooring looks best when laid on a beautifully smooth subfloor, which is easily achieved with the right preparation work. We have a list of fitters who have done a lot of work for our customers and who we have found to be reliable.

About the service, what we do?

About the service, what we do?

We offer a wide range of floor restoration services encompassing all floor types of period flooring as well as modern and commercial restoration services. Whether your floor requires repair, replacement, or simply cleaning and polishing we are able to undertake a complete range of floor restoration services.

Each technician we work with is equipped with high-end tools and an advanced color-matching system, which allows him to carry out high-quality and durable repairs.

As a leading flooring, tiling, and parquet fixing service provider, we offer seamless parquet flooring Bahrain repair services, including the refitting of any loose parquet blocks. Starting from replacing a wood block, filling gaps, sanding the floor, staining it, all the way up to sealing it.

We can help you with professional tiling services in Bahrain. We can send expert tile fitters to your place and they will remove the old ones and place the new ones with minimum hassle. Soon you will be able to enjoy your newly tiled bathroom, kitchen, or floor in any other room. We offer you the fastest and most reliable ways to deal with this particular type of home improvement. Our professionals will make sure that you are happy with the work they've done.

Why choose Homefix?

Why choose Homefix?

Providing specialist floor restoration services throughout Bahrain and with many years of experience, you can be assured of the best service possible. We provide our floor restoration services to a wide variety of different properties and our customers include homeowners, architects, companies, hotels, schools, mosques, historic buildings, etc.  With the benefit of our modern and efficient machinery, we are able to produce the best results.

We offer our clients a comprehensive service, from flooring and tiling to parquet floor fixing, and pride ourselves on being a consistently reliable and professional service provider. Whether it’s a commercial or domestic environment, large or small, our team will fit a floor that meets your needs, comes within budget, and realizes your expectations.

Our services

Our services

At Homefix, we provide a full-stack set of home maintenance services in Bahrain that offer customers high-quality services and complete refurbishment. We offer a wide set of cleaning services delivered in a very professional manner by top cleaners in Bahrain to meet the client’s needs and demands. If you're looking for cleaning bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, gardens, furniture, appliances, or any other part of your house, office, or company; we can handle it as we offer all types of cleaning services in Bahrain.

Also with Homefix, don't worry about plumbing works, carpentry, electrical works, and even simple painting and decorating. Homefix is well-equipped with certified professionals who spare no effort to provide you with exceptional services.



Why should I hire a professional to repair the flooring for me?

It's the easiest thing for anyone to tuck up their sleeves and hammer the nails and tacks in all the wrong places, apply too much adhesive, or replace the floorboards incorrectly. In either case, you will restrict your flooring's movement, which will lead to all sorts of costly problems in the future. A qualified specialist will know how to restore your flooring’s appeal without any of these hassles.

How can I get a quote from Homefix?

It's better to contact us for an obligation site visit at no charge for you to get a final quotation, according to your specific requirements.

Is VAT included in the price?

All our prices are subject to VAT and our quotes are usually provided as final, including VAT unless otherwise stated.

Do I need to move furniture?

A tidy and uncluttered area actually allows us to work more efficiently. We advise that you clear away small items such as pot plants and light furniture to avoid any possible damages and to allow workers to reach all areas.

How long after varnishing can the floors be used?

It takes about 1 hour for a water-based varnish to completely dry on the first coat and it may take up to 2 hours for the last coat before it can take light traffic. Furniture should be placed not earlier than 12 hours from the application of the last coat.

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