Spring Renovations: 5 Tip and Tricks to make your house ready for this colourful season

Spring Renovations: 5 Tip and Tricks to make your house ready for this colourful season

Spring is upon us and there is no better time to give your house the facelift it deserves than now. Spring renovations are a must if you wish to give your home a new lease of life and brighten it up.

And now that winter is finally over, your house is in a serious need for a makeover to welcome spring with open arms.

Here we give you 5 tips and tricks for your home spring renovations to make your house all geared up and ready for this colourful season.

1- Spruce up your landscape


Your lawn has definitely suffered during winter and fall season, that is why you need to make sure that your lawn is ready and well-prepped for the spring.

First, you should start your spring renovations by cleaning your lawn and getting rid of all the debris. Then prune all of the broken, twisted, or bent branches and give your plants a new lease of life.

And never forget to make lawn maintenance to protect it and that includes mowing; weeding; edging along gardens, walkways and the driveway; raking leaves, and trimming the hedges

Afterwards, start with creating your own spring haven by purchasing colourful plants and flowers and create a beautiful backyard and front yard landscaping design that flow smoothly with your house.

2- Adding colours


Spring is the year’s most colorful and joyful season. It is the perfect season to add a vibrant hue to your home.

You can start by repainting your walls with bright and vibrant colors to brighten up your home such as yellow, white, blue…Etc.

You can also add colors to your house by getting some modern and affordable colorful accessories such as vases, rugs, curtains, pillows, tables, and frames which will perk up your home and your mood.

Another way to add colors to your home is by adding colorful furniture pieces that add a pop of color to your interior.

3- Always keep it simple


Beauty lies in simplicity. By keeping it simple in your spring renovations, rest assured your home will get the look you want.

By incorporating simple and quick finishing touches, your home will get a facelift that adds extra style and make a huge difference.

A corner of fresh spring branches will do the trick and give you that simple and stylish look you have always wanted.

Another way is to opt for bare floors and remove all rugs. Bare floors add more space, softness, and warmth to your space with minimal effort.

4- Rearrange your furniture


Rearranging your furniture is known to be the best way to refresh your home without paying a penny and give it a whole new flavour. This can also go every time you feel a room has gone stale and dull.

If all of your furniture pieces are against the wall, try pulling everything out from the wall and create an island of sorts that include your tables, sofa, and chairs.

You can also flip your entire seating area by placing the sofa where the Television goes and vice versa.

In less than an hour and without paying any cash, you will give your house a completely different look in no time.

5- Making old new again


Choose a piece of furniture you hold dear to your heart or you think is a statement piece and reupholster it.

Reupholstering old furniture pieces to look new again can go a very long way in not only transforming the way your furniture look but also adding touches of colors to your home and brightening it up.

Re-do your furniture using bright colors that reflect the youthful spirit of the spring season and place in a spot that makes it the center of attention in any room.

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