Take a look at the new technology of smart Home electronics

Take a look at the new technology of smart Home electronics

Nowadays everything is being automated and mainly uses the internet. Even light bulbs and home curtains can be connected to the internet and can be controlled by a mobile device or a smart assistant nowadays. In order to make your home smart, you need to know some information about the new smart home electronics.

In the present times, smart systems are no longer about speaking and asking your Google assistant to tell you the weather or set you the alarm to wake you up, they can be used to schedule your appointments and turn the light off when there is nobody there, and to help your wife cook. Actually, smart home electronics can now tackle more serious tasks, like acting as your home security system. In other words, those smart devices aren’t just for fun anymore, they also provide some substantial needs.

Smart devices now play an important role in everyone’s life, from performing the smallest need to the most essential one.

Everyone needs to live a better and easier life, and this life can be provided by some convenient and easy to use home electronics.

Old Computer era

Old Computer era

In the beginning of the 2oth century, computers were heavy, their features were very limited and yet they were very expensive. Nowadays though, we have portable devices with chargers used to recharge the battery if needed and everyone can afford them as their prices are mostly affordable.

This clearly shows how we used to live in the beginning of the 20th century and how we live now after the invention of smart devices.

Now with the evolution of smart home electronics you don’t need to have as much devices in your home as three year ago. We used to buy a lot of devices as each device performed a unique function, but today smart systems and smart devices are able to perform more than one function, which make them able to replace many smaller gadgets.   

As mentioned before, smart home technology evolves, companies like Amazon and Google are launching a new wave of smart speakers and intelligent assistants.

The difference between Smart systems and Smart devices

To know what are the best home electronics for your house in this Smart era, you have to know the difference between smart home devices and smart home systems.

A smart system, like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, is the command center for the smart devices. It is a smart system that controls your individual products. Essentially, a smart system is what you speak to when you want something to happen or when you need to give an order to one of your devices.

On the other hand, a smart device is an individual device that reports back to the smart system like, Amazon Echo speaker or Philips light bulbs.

Amazon Alexa:

Amazon Alexa

If we talk about smart home electronic systems let’s explore “Amazon Alexa”:


-Alexa makes everything in your smart home easy to use and control.

– You can use Alexa to speak to apps as easily as asking her to turn off the lights or wake you up by setting the alarm.

– Most smart gadgets integrate with Alexa, including products made by Philips, Samsung and Nest. Alexa can now talk to you and interact with you, it can also lock your doors or adjust your home’s temperature.

-You don’t need to use your hands while making commands on Alexa, this means during working on your laptop, you can ask Alexa to answer your queries.

-Alexa has the ability to interact and speak to most other smart devices and apps (Alexa has the most third-party integrations of any smart system), which makes her one of the best choices for your smart home.


Alexa takes several days to update to the new version.

-It allows people to identify your location using different techniques.

-If there is any trouble in the cloud it can’t operate as it a cloud-based system.

Google Assistant:

Google Assistant

If there’s any true competitor to Alexa, it will be Google Assistant for sure. Even though Google Assistant has less third-party integration, it can often answer questions and complete the commands given by you when Alexa can’t.

For instance, if you tell Google Assistant “I’m not interested in this song”, it will skip to the next one, while Alexa will simply tell you the instructions of doing this by yourself as click right or use your thumb to change it.

Small differences like these could sway you towards Google Assistance, since it’s often more helpful (and less literal) than Alexa.


Google Assistant wins when it comes to understanding how people naturally speak and how to work like a human.

– It can provide better answers for your questions and queries than any other similar assistant.

– It has the ability to cast video to your T.V.

– It has the ability to identify different voices.


Sometimes the features and updates are not available to all regions.

-Google assistant has less compatible smart home products and accessories than Amazon Alexa.

– It costs more than Amazon Alexa.

Ultimately, you can choose the suitable smart system or smart device for you by considering your needs and what you will use the smart system for.

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