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Water Tank Cleaning in Bahrain

Water tank cleaning is an extremely essential part of water hygiene and something to be taken seriously both domestically and commercially. It is important that tanks are inspected regularly and cleaned when required to prevent bacterial proliferation and maintain high-quality water. Protecting tank system’s users from potentially fatal diseases such as Legionnaires’ disease is vital, particularly when the users are vulnerable people such as children, the elderly, people with pre-existing illnesses, smokers, etc. These tanks should be inspected annually for their condition to identify if a water tank clean is required.

What does our water tank cleaning service include?

In order to minimize the risk from Legionella and other forms of bacteria, it is essential that water storage tanks are subject to a full inspection on a regular basis.

Our water tank cleaning services include:

  •         Mechanized Dewatering
  •         Sludge Removal
  •         High-Pressure Cleaning
  •         Vacuum Cleaning
  •         Anti-bacterial Spray
  •         UV Radiation
  •         Chemical cleaning
  •         Frac tank cleaning
  •         Underground storage tank cleaning

All of the services that we provide are carried out by our team of fully trained, fully qualified and highly experienced engineers. Every member of our team follows the specific method statements for each project on which they work, as well as the standard procedures that we have in place.

Why choose Homefix?

As one of the best water tank cleaning companies in Bahrain, We want you to be sure that when you hire Homfix, you are dealing with consummate professionals who know exactly what they are doing. Our clients have very high standards and we are able to meet and exceed these standards because we adhere to strict codes of practice on every project that we undertake.

Our engineers receive specific technical training to complete water tank cleaning and disinfection and are subject to a thorough and continual assessment process to make sure that they are able to carry out this specialist cleaning work safely and efficiently at all times.

Homefix only uses the very latest cleaning techniques and modern disinfection chemicals to ensure that your water tank is thoroughly clean and bacteria-free.


Our services

Homefix provides a full-stack set of house maintenance services which offers customers high-quality services and complete refurbishment. We offer a wide set of cleaning services delivered in a very professional manner by top cleaners in Bahrain to meet the client’s demands. If you're looking for cleaning bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, gardens, furniture, appliances, or any other part of your house or office; we can handle it since we offer all types of cleaning services in Bahrain.

Also with Homefix, don't worry about carpentry works, plumbing, electrical works and even simple painting and decorating. Homefix is well-equipped with certified professionals who do their best to provide you with exceptional service.


How often should the water tank be cleaned?

Not many things are maintenance-free and water tanks are no exception, Health guidelines recommend water tanks be regularly checked, and cleaned at least every 2-3 years.

How much time will it take to clean the water tank?

On average it can take our experienced operators between 3-5 hours to clean your water tanks. However, the time taken to clean the tank often depends on a number of factors such as how dirty the tank is, how accessible the tank is, and the size of the incoming and outgoing pipework from the tanks to list a few factors.

How much will it cost?

This will depend on several factors including size of tank, access, and what issues you have. Contact us anytime and we will be happy to discuss this with you.
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