6 interior paint colors that are instant mood boosters

6 interior paint colors that are instant mood boosters

According to several types of research, interior paint colors have a great ability to affect our mood, behavior and overall stress level.

And whether you are re-decorating your house or not, you ought to think about repainting your walls with lively colors that trigger joy, happiness and spread good vibes into each and every room.

Since interior paint colors are great mood boosters, then do not think twice and check our list of these 6 paint colors that have the ability to create a happy home.

1- Yellow


The color yellow evokes the feelings of optimism, cheerfulness, enthusiasm, and joy.

Those who love the color yellow are the ones known for their good sense of humor.

All shades of yellow have the ability to uplift our spirit and mood.

Yellow by nature is a dominant color that tends to take control over the room, so it is better to be used where you need it the most such as making a statement wall or creating a focal point through paint color.

2- Green


When trying to add a little life to a dull room it is always advised to lighten it up using plants and that is simply because green is the color of life and nature.

Hence, painting your walls green won’t only spread happiness but also – when using the right shades – will make your interior seamlessly link with your exterior.

Invite nature inside your house by painting your walls with different shades of green!

3- Blue


Whenever you desire to create a feeling of warmth, contentment, peace, and coziness inside your house, then blue paint color is your answer.

Mimicking the color of sea and sky, blue is the perfect color to use to radiate the feeling of happiness inside your space.

Using blue in small spaces, in particular, creates the illusion of space.

The color blue makes your space more friendly and inviting than ever.

4- White


White spaces are always the brightest, happiest and above all playful.

When puzzled about which color to use to make your space feel refreshed and alive, then the color white will never fail to impress.

The most cheerful and happiest houses are often the ones with white wall colors.

Besides adding a lively feel to your space, the color white makes your space looks much bigger than it originally is.

5- Pink


Pink is a playful color by its nature. It gets kind of hard to resist feeling happy whenever present in a pink room.

The lighter shades of pink are the perfect shades to promote tranquility and peace.

And even though pink is usually referred to as a “feminine color’ but when used in its right shade it can create an energizing space that looks comfortable and appealing.

6- Violet


Creating balance in almost any space, Violet is another paint color you should use to create a happy vibe.

Violet is the color of the crown chakra. It has an intensive ability to create inner peace and balance.

Looking to have a space that repels worries and doubt, then Violet is your go-to for it is the perfect color to surround yourself with when aiming for a relaxed and peaceful ambiance.

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