Sofa Cleaning

The Sofa is the most important item in our living rooms, it’s where all of us feel relaxed. But cleaning your sofa is a difficult task when you are cleaning your house because it needs special attention, a lot of effort and because the different parts of the sofa need different cleaning techniques depending on their fabric and level of soiling. Our experts specialize in sofa cleaning in Bahrain. We can clean all types of materials effectively and safely.

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sofa cleaning in Bahrain

  1. The sofa is one of the main pieces of furniture in any home, and one of the most used, but what happens sometimes is that food stains the sofa, which affects it badly. In this case, it is necessary to resort to cleaning the sofa immediately and get rid of the spots related to it.
  2. The accumulation of dust on the of your home but may lead to many health problems such as allergies, breathing problems and other issues. healthy.
  3. Experts recommend cleaning your sofa once every 6 months not only to make it pollution free but also to extend its life.

sofa cleaning in Bahrain

Excessive dirt accumulation can make the colors of your sofa fade faster, so regular cleaning is necessary to keep the colors looking fresh. Our Sofa Cleaning in Bahrain is the best in the kingdom. Our professional sofa cleaners provide affordable sofa cleaning services. We use different tools to sanitize each and every corner of your sofa and remove all spots from your sofa making it bright, fresh, and as good as new.

With HomeFix Don’t worry about your sofa because our professional team carefully surveys your sofa to understand its construction, fiber used, backing material, and fillers. This helps us decide the cleaning method and products to use. You can enjoy comfort and cleanliness with the best sofa cleaning Bahrain services. If you think your sofa is dirty and requires a thorough cleaning don’t wait for more. Allow HomeFix to clean and refresh your sofa (whether it is fiber or leather).

In addition, you can rely on us for a variety of home repair and maintenance services. Homefix has a team of specialists in a variety of fields, including cleaning services, garden maintenance, pest control, electrical services, air conditioning and heating maintenance, and many other services in Bahrain.

Spray Cleaning Steps

We provide a spray extraction cleaning system that cleans all textile surfaces and dissolves and removes dirt in a single pass

Process of of spray extraction:

  1. Spraying shampoo
  2. Gentle scrubbing 
  3. Extract by machine with release extraction liquid 


 After the cleaning process the sofa fabrics to be get dry itself within 6 to 8 hours

There are many factors that influence the price of sofa cleaning:

  1. Type and number of furniture pieces, the prices are different whether you book an upholstery cleaning for a two- or three-seater, armchair or a four-person L-shaped sofa, etc.
  2. The type of fabric and cleaning method. The cost of cleaning will differ depending on the sofa cleaning method suitable for your furniture. At HomeFix we have well experience cleaning a wide range of upholstered furniture such as armchairs, sofas, dining and office chairs, bed headboards, and more. That is why HomeFix is considered the number one sofa cleaning company in Bahrain.
Sofa Cleaning
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