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Septic tank cleaning in Bahrain

Septic tank cleaning

Septic tank cleaning

Have you noticed that your sink does not work well? Drains run slowly or not emptying fully? This predicts the poor performance of your septic tank. And here you should ask yourself when was the last time your septic tank was cleaned? It is very important to clean your sewers regularly because not paying attention to cleaning it causes the accumulation of solid waste inside it, which causes major damage to your home.

You need to hire a professional team, Homefix offers sewage tank cleaning service. Our experts remove all substances from your septic tank, check the sewage tank, and make sure it continues to work perfectly.



How do septic tanks work?

How do septic tanks work?

Sewer systems are underground wastewater treatment structures that are capable of holding hundreds of gallons of wastewater. A sewage tank is an underground container that holds wastewater and allows this sewage to decompose by separating the solids from the sewage.

You may have heard people use the term “septic tank cleaning” Septic tank cleaning avoids the accumulation of sediment at the bottom of the tank and removes anything that may kill good bacteria. It can also provide you with years of reliable low-cost service.

The difference between Septic Tank Cleaning and Pumping

The difference between Septic Tank Cleaning and Pumping

When we talk about septic tanks, the words "pumping" and "cleaning" are often used, but there are differences between them even if they are small:

Septic tank pumping means removing liquid, some floating solids, and sludge from your tank while cleaning means removing all the water and compressed sludge at the bottom of the tank.

Septic tank cleaning cost

Septic tank cleaning cost

The average cost to clean and pump a septic tank is between $290 and $600. Most people spent around $375, depending on the septic tank size.

Septic tank cleaning company in Bahrain

Septic tank cleaning company in Bahrain

Is your septic tank blocked up or full? At Homefix, we specialize in the removal of septic waste for residential and commercial septic tanks in Bahrain. We have a skilled team of professional cleaners dedicated to providing quality service to every customer and equipped to properly handle any sewage tank cleaning/ pumping tasks. Hire a professional for cleaning your septic tank now.

What do we do?

What do we do?

Homefix makes light work of septic tank problems or requirements, offering local and effective septic tank services, from cleaning your septic tank to general maintenance or repair. We have experts on hand and a range of bulk waste removal vehicles sized to suit all requirements from private houses to large industrial premises and are able to offer same/next day service. We also offer a 7-day, 24-hour emergency response to service any drainage or spill issue.

Our qualified network of engineers and our access to the latest technology and equipment allows us to provide septic tank services that are quick, effective, and cause minimal disturbance. Additionally, our experienced and friendly drivers take pride in completing the job safely and without disruption to your property and surroundings; sewage systems can often be located in our customers' gardens, so we recognize that extra care is needed.

Why choose Homefix?

With many years of experience in septic tank cleaning services, Homefix is one of the most trusted septic tank cleaning companies in Bahrain and can provide you with reliable, hassle-free maintenance. We are well-placed to deliver the support you need to keep your septic tank in the best condition.

Thousands of householders trust us as one of the best septic removal companies in Bahrain, so we strive to keep their septic tanks and cesspits in perfect working order. Regularly cleaning your septic tank or cesspit helps to avoid the risk of overflow, blockage, and costly damage to your sewage system and the environment. At Homefix, we go the extra mile to provide you with the best septic sludge removal service in Bahrain.


What are the signs that your septic tank is full?

Here is a list of signs to help ensure your sewage tank is full:

1. Slow drainage indicates that the sewage system is full.
2. If you notice a bad odor in the house, this may indicate that the sewage system is full and needs to be drained.
3. Water pools around the drain field in the sewage system.

What happens if a septic tank is not pumped?

If the tank is not pumped, the solids will build up in the tank and the holding capacity of the tank will be diminished. Eventually, the solids will reach the pipe that feeds into the drain field, causing a clog.

How do I keep my septic system healthy?

1. Regularly inspect your system for proper upkeep
2. Pump out your septic tank regularly.
3. Conserve water and monitor usage.
4. Don’t use excessive amounts of any household chemicals.
5. Don’t put coffee, cooking fats, wet-strength towels, diapers, facial tissues, cigarette butts, and other non-decomposable materials into the house sewer. These materials won’t decompose and will fill the septic tank.

How often do you need to clean your Septic tank?

We recommend a septic tank cleaning service every two to three years by a licensed septic service professional. The duration can vary depending on several factors, including the number of people at home and the tank size. The proper maintenance of sewage systems must be taken care of to ensure that they operate efficiently. At Homefix, we will make sure your septic tanks work well with our cleaning process.

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