Gypsum services in Bahrain

Building designs internally or externally have become an art that cannot be neglected. Various materials are used in construction designs to give homes a unique appeal and distinguish them from others among the materials used for design are gypsum works.

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Gypsum services in Bahrain

Gypsum board is the most common name for the family of board products, which is a non-combustible core made of long edges coated with paper on the face and back, the surface of which can be coated with various types of materials, such as fiberglass mats.

Gypsum board, also known as drywall, gypsum board, or wallboard, gypsum board is different from road sheds and other building panels, because it is characterized by being fire-resistant, such as fiberboard, chipboard, and solid board.

Gypsum walls have been popular in Western countries for a long time and have recently gained popularity in the Middle East. Drywall construction is easier to install, repair, maintain and replace than traditional brick and concrete structures.

You will find various types of gypsum board, including the standard type, which is suitable for suspended gypsum ceilings. There is also a fire-resistant type that is used in both residential and commercial areas. The third type is moisture-resistant gypsum, which is ideal for ceilings and dry walls. There is also a fire and moisture-resistant type.

Gypsum board demand has increased recently, as everyone wants to give their home a new look by installing suspended panels. At Homefix, we have a well-trained staff who can provide gypsum board installation services in Bahrain. Our experts will create gypsum board ceilings or walls.

We provide the best gypsum services in Bahrain, and our gypsum experts can handle:

  • Gypsum ceiling.
  • Ceiling restoration.
  • Gypsum cutters.
  • Wallpaper paints.
  • Damage control.

We have professional gypsum workers with extensive experience in their work. All of our staff are well-trained and keep up to date with the market developments in Bahrain. We constantly train our workers to help them stay on top. Our goal is to provide the best service to our customers.

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Gypsum services in Bahrain
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