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Painting Services in Bahrain

Colors usually reflect the personality and help to reflect the psychological state of the individual, and it is a necessary thing, it will be felt especially important for women who spend more time at home.

Choosing the painting colors may seem easy, but otherwise, this choice will live in it for a long time, it depends on the color and the style of the furniture, unfortunately, some people thought that choosing the painting colors is the first step then, selecting the model and colors of the luggage, this seems to be somewhat rational, but it is not correct, as experts and interior proved that choosing furniture and luggage is first the first step. 

Some people have the talent for drawing and also have good taste, but not all of them can paint their walls, it needs professional interior designers and chasers to help in designing and implementing this artistic painting.


Still, some people didn’t afford to deal with a home painting services company so here are some tips and painting secrets the pros won't tell you.


1- Sand Away Flaws 

The sanding mission is one of the most tedious and difficult tasks in the painting process, so one of the experts said that this job is supposed to be called the sander instead of the painter because it takes a very long time, and it entails the rest of the paint job.

The wall must be completely smooth to finish with attractive and perfectly painted walls. Sand the walls from the baseboard to the ceiling with fine-grit sanding paper on a sanding pole. Then sand horizontally along the baseboard and ceiling. Don't put a lot of pressure on the sanding pole or the head can flip over and damage the wall. Sand woodwork with a sanding sponge to get into crevices.


2- Buy the best supplies 

It is absolutely not a good idea to buy cheap brushes or the supplies that we will utilize for the painting process and even the paint itself. The change in the color of the walls will live for a long time for you, as it is difficult to bear the result of cheap brushes and paints for a long time.

For the brushes, it falls quickly during use and does not help to paint the wall in a good way at all. As for the cheap paint, it does not live long. When cleaning the wall later, the color will fall with you.

While the good quality of painting brushes and paints will give you perfect results when cleaning the wall later, the color doesn’t fall with you like the cheap one, it preferred to purchase 2-1/2-inch angled brush, It's versatile and you can wash and reuse it until the bristles wear down to a nub. And get the most expensive paint, too. Because it will go on easy and offer the best coverage.


3- Cover Furniture

Cover all room furniture if you cannot move them outside move them in the center of the room, use plastic paper to cover them to be protected from paint, dust, and sanding as well. 


4- Use Tanet Primer

Before the pros paint the walls, they fill holes and patch cracks with a common compound. But if you paint directly over it, the compound will absorb moisture from the paint, giving it a flat faded look this problem called "flashing". These points will look significantly different from the rest of the wall. To avoid this, professionals prepare the walls before painting.

You can use a gray or similar color to the final paint instead of the white primer. Color primer does a better job of covering up existing paint color than a regular primer, so the final paint will be more vibrant and may require fewer coats. This is especially true with colors like orange or green, which may require three or more layers without primer.


5- Press tape with a putty knife

Put a tape on woodwork that can get dirty from the paint, the tape makes you avoid the traditional methods of removing paint from wood, such as skimming and others. a painter with more than 16 years of experience said "Apply tape over the wood, then run a putty knife over the top to press down the tape for a good seal, That'll stop any paint bleeds."


6- Finish One Wall Before Starting Another

Professionals are advised to paint the first wall and then move to the other, as this helps to merge the color well, then clean the brush well so that the paint does not dry out and are tormented in using it again and move to the next wall and so on.


7- Scrape (no tape)

Usually, the paint stains the glass when painting, leave it completely until it dries, and then scrape it off with a blade that will clean it in seconds. An expert said, "Just be careful to not break the paint bond between the wood and the glass, Otherwise, moisture can get on the wood and cause rot."


How many layers of paint can you put on a wall?

Repaint the wall with at least two layers of your new color. If you are painting on a darker color using a lighter color, you may need more than two layers to prevent the previous color from appearing. If the surface is still fine and you just want to cover up, then it's okay to repaint the painted walls.

Can I paint without primer?

Usually, delete the primer if you only repair the wall, The current paint closes the wallboard, and you should get equal coverage and good gluing, without the primer, smoke or water stains may bleed through the topcoat.

Can I just paint over old paint?

If you are painting on a wall with paint close to the previous color, in general, you do not need to improve the existing paint. To prepare for repainting, you may want to sand and completely rebuild the wall to avoid the irregular appearance. Repaint the wall with at least two layers of your new color.

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