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Boat and Yacht Cleaning

Yachting or boating is one of the most beautiful experiences ever. It is an experience like no other where you can enjoy the blue waters and feel lost in an atmosphere that is peaceful and soothing to the soul. People who own private yachts go onboard yachts to experience a great adventure. People who do not own a yacht get the sailing adventure by renting a yacht in Bahrain at affordable prices.

If you own a yacht or boat, keeping your yacht or boat clean is more important than you can think. Just cleaning up the dust won't do the trick. 


Due to a yacht's constant exposure to saltwater and other weather conditions, processes such as rust and corrosion can be common, when left unrepaired and cleaned, can damage the appearance of the yacht or boat. To avoid such problems, the yachts must be cleaned regularly by professionals. For professional yacht cleaning, you should hire professional yacht cleaning services.


Homefix Boat and Yacht cleaning services in Bahrain

You maybe spend a lot of time on your boat or yacht, so make it a pleasant place. Homefix is ​​the leading company in Bahrain specializing in cleaning boats and yachts, both interior and externally, in addition to full sterilization by professional staff with experience in cleaning services in Bahrain at reasonable prices.

Invest in your boat or Yacht and hire Homefix, as we offer the best interior and exterior cleaning services for your boat and yacht in Bahrain. We strive to achieve the highest level of satisfaction and keep your boat clean in good condition.

Cleaning Materials 

We use the best and strongest cleaning and sterilization materials, and we are careful not to use chemicals harmful to human health, especially children. We also use the latest devices and advanced equipment, which are maintained periodically for the best results. At first, before the cleaning process, we use a machine to extract all the dust from the place.

Cleaning Services

We offer a comprehensive range of yacht and boat cleaning services, including:

  • Carpet & Upholstery cleaning.
  • Mattress cleaning.
  • Sofa cleaning.
  • Ceiling panel cleaning.
  • Wall covering cleaning.
  • Curtains & blinds cleaning.
  • Furniture cleaning.

Boat and Yacht cleaning price

We are dedicated to providing affordable boat and yacht cleaning prices with high quality to deal with any issue you may have. The price depends on the boat or yacht size and the materials used for cleaning.

Ready to get started

Of course, the owners want to keep their boat or yacht in good condition, but they do not want to spend time cleaning it. They prefer to enjoy the water. Therefore, Boat and Yacht cleaning companies provide boat cleaning services, so that boat owners do not have to clean their boats themselves.

Contact us to request a quote. We offer exceptional quality services with a Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.



Why should you use a boat and yacht cleaning service?

Because using general cleaning materials and household bleach will damage your yacht or boat, you should hire a professional cleaning company in this field.

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