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Outdoor Deep Cleaning Services in Bahrain

Outdoor Deep Cleaning Services in Bahrain

Cleaning the house or building from the inside is very important, but what about cleaning the outside? Outdoor cleaning of the house or building is one of the important and basic things that must be done on an ongoing basis, in order to protect the place and clean it from the damages that fall on it from dust, insects, pests, and others. It is also important to maintain the attractiveness and splendour of the place, so you always need companies that provide outdoor deep cleaning services in Bahrain.


How can Homefix help you?

Homefix is ​​one of the first leading companies to provide outdoor deep cleaning services in Bahrain, as it provides several services that will facilitate many duties for you. These services vary as follows Houses and buildings cleaning service, Floor cleaning service, Roof cleaning service, Car parking cleaning service, Hard surface sealing service, and Timber & sandstone cleaning service. Below we will know more about those services. 

Houses or building cleaning service

Homefix outdoor cleaning for houses & buildings works on cleaning doors, frames, windows, panels, and everything that helps restore the lustre and attractiveness of the place. Because we use:

  • Soft washing technology to ensure no damage to any surface.
  • Specialized cleaning solution, ultra-soft brushes, and low-pressure water.

Regular washing of homes and buildings also helps maintain the quality and integrity of exterior surfaces, helping to extend their lives. This is especially critical in coastal areas, where the damaging effects of corrosive airborne salt deposits can cost you significant sums of money.


Floor cleaning service

High-traffic places need regular and deep cleaning, as the floor cleaning service works to maintain its appearance and protection. Homefix's advanced floor cleaners feature robust scrubbing pads to remove tough stains and dirt, direct chemical injection tools for maximum grease removal, vacuum mop system to leave surfaces completely clean and dry, plus Homefix uses only environmentally friendly chemicals.

Roof cleaning service

When it comes to the appearance of your home, the roof is often the last thing on your mind, however, a clean and well-maintained surface is very important to the overall appearance of the home, which is why you need a roof cleaning service. This is what Homefix offers at a low cost to dramatically improve the appearance of your home and prevent damage caused by pollutants that damage tiles over time.

Car parking cleaning service

Homefix provides you with a professional cleaning service for your car parking to ensure that it maintains its lustre and maintenance permanently. Homefix also uses the latest equipment and environmentally friendly and non-hazardous degreasers to remove dirt and oil stains from the surface of your car park, and the result is a clean and shiny car park.

Hard surface sealing service

Protect and rejuvenate the hard surfaces around your home with our Hard surface sealing service. Dramatically improves the appearance by adding lustre and richness, revitalizing the original colour, and protecting the surface from weather, dirt, oil, salt, and grease. It will also help extend the life of the surface and make it easier to wash and clean. Whether it's sandstone, tile, concrete, or slate concrete, Homefix uses only the highest quality sealants to ensure great hard surface results.


Timber and sandstone cleaning service

Sun and rain can discolour the surface of the wood and in the long term allow it to be attacked by a destructive fungal decomposition known as "dry rot" A lot of fungi and dirt build up inside the sandstone that can harm you and your family. Therefore, Timber and sandstone cleaning service work to renew and extend the life of wooden and sandstone surfaces around homes and buildings, as Homefix applies the most appropriate method for cleaning sandstone and returning it to its original lustre and colour, and eliminating all damages, cleaning and protecting all types of external wood around your property, including fences, retaining walls, decks, furniture and much more.


Why Homefix?

Homefix is ​​the best company that provides outdoor deep cleaning services in Bahrain, and it also depends on accuracy and excellence at the lowest cost, etc. Homefix is ​​the largest company that cares about maintenance and cleaning work in Bahrain inside the house, with a team of experts and specialists to carry out these tasks perfectly. face, to save time and effort on its customers, and all you have to do is contact us to answer any inquiry you want.

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