10 Ways to reduce energy usage and save money

10 Ways to reduce energy usage and save money

There are plenty of ways to reduce energy usage in your house which will save you a lot of money and won’t even cost you a penny to do so.

Around our houses, we all have bad habits that end up costing us a lot and wasting more energy.

The following tips won’t only help you reduce energy usage, but also will put money back right into your pockets.

We rounded up 6 ways to reduce energy usage and save money.

1- Unplug all electronic devices

Unplug all electronic devices - reduce energy usage

The majority of us are used to leaving electronic devices such as TV’s, Laptops or coffee machines plugged when not in the house.

Many appliances use as much power when they are off.

When turning off any electrical appliance, it doesn’t actually turn off it only goes to standby or sleep mode, which still consumes an amount of energy.

A plugged mobile phone charger will consume around 1 watt with no phone is plugged into it, while when plugged into a phone, it will consume around 4.5 watts.

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2- Turn off the lights

reduce energy usage

When leaving a room, many forget to turn off the lights and others leave lights turned on all throughout their sleep.

Simply switching off the lights when not present in a room will save you a lot of money and reduce energy usage.

Check your rooms during the day for any forgotten switched on lights the day before.

Also, outdoor lights are usually the ones left switched on for days without noticing.

For homeowners who can’t seem to remember to switch off the lights, installing motion-sensor switches that turn off when no motion is detected in the room is the perfect fix.

3- Use fluorescent light bulbs

reduce energy usage

A fluorescent light bulb produces the same amount of energy but consumes 1/5 of electricity.

They are more energy-efficient and last from 6 to 10 times longer than other types of bulbs.

That’s not all as they are also much cheaper than other bulbs too.

This is why fluorescent bulbs are the best choice for saving both energy and money.

4- Consider Upgrading

reduce energy usage - Consider Upgrading

If you have an old refrigerator or an old heater, these old appliances consume loads of energy.

This is why it is advisable to ditch these old appliances and purchase new ones.

Yes! New appliances will be more expensive, however; they are designed to use significantly less energy than older appliances.

Newer home appliances are known to be “Energy-efficient Appliances” around the house.

Spend more now to upgrade and you will spend less for the rest of your life.

5- Use your home appliances wisely

Use your home appliances wisely

Even when you upgrade your home appliances, misusing them will consume more energy and cost you more money.

Try not to peek while cooking food in the oven as this lets the heat out and increases cooking time.

If you have dirty dishes that you can wash instead of washing in a dishwasher then do that and leave the dishwasher for full loads.

The same also goes for air conditioners.

Instead of cooling the room to the extent, you are forced to wear a jacket to warm yourself, why not adjust the temperature so that the room is cold but not too cold.

6- Insulate your house

reduce energy usage - Insulate your house

The more insulated your walls, floors, and ceiling are; the less energy you are going to use.

Well-insulated homes will preserve heat during winter and keep your house cool during summer, hence reducing energy usage from heaters and coolers.

Also draft-proofing your doors and windows by sealing gaps or cracks act as energy-efficient ways to reduce energy usage.

7- Use light and natural heating

A single window can illuminate 20 to 100 times its area. Turning off a 60-watt light bulb for four hours a day saves $ 9 over the course of a year.

Heating your home heating for free! Open windows through south-facing and west-facing windows to warm interior rooms and surfaces. Then to prevent the heat from escaping. This can help in cold countries.

8- Minimize the use of water

reduce energy usage

An intoxicant is responsible for 25 percent of the average household energy bill. Ways to reduce this are to wash clothes in cold water, to run the kettle only when it is full, to install a showerhead, which takes a short time, and to shorten showers.

9- Invest in double glazing

Double glazing insulates your home from the cold and helps reduce your heating bill, as well as block out noise.

If your semi-detached house is made entirely of single glazing, you can save up to $ 150 by installing double A-glazing.

10- Switch to smart appliances when possible

reduce energy usage

Smart appliances don’t just make your life easier and faster, they also help you save energy and money. A smart appliance may be more expensive than a regular old-school one, but it is a smart investment.

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