Carpet texture: Choose the best carpet for your home

Carpet texture: Choose the best carpet for your home


Different colors and textures of Carpets give character and warmth to your home. It is the art piece of the place which can brighten a dark room, and create a relaxing atmosphere, hence the importance of choosing the carpet texture and the best color to show its attractiveness.


Do you want to get a beautiful carpet for your home? So you need to take a look at different types of carpets for your home.


Types of Carpet texture

Carpets are one of the products that people are keen to buy every time. There are many sizes, shapes and textures of carpets to add to your home: 


  • Wool carpet

Wool is a natural fiber that is used in carpet manufacturing, it’s considered an eco-friendly floor covering. 



It is characterized by durability and the ability to maintain its efficiency, as it is a fiber that resists dust,



One of its disadvantages is that it is less stain-resistant than synthetic fibers and therefore difficult to remove if dried. So you can hire a specialized cleaning company to clean it easily. Wool carpets are also more expensive due to the toughness and durability of their fabric.


  • Nylon carpet

Nylon is a very popular carpet material because of its strength, softness and long life span, 




 its durability as it is considered the most durable for daily use, and it is also soft to the touch.




 it is stain-resistant because of its high absorption strength, in addition to its high cost


  • Polyester carpet 

Polyester is also one of the most popular types of carpets, as it is a prominent synthetic material. 




– Polyester can resist stains.


– It resists moisture and is easy to clean


– Highly glossy.


– It has a low cost compared to nylon and wool.




Its durability is weak, it is not as strong as nylon fibers.


  • Olefin carpet

Olefin fabric is used for its ability to resist moisture, mold, and mildew, and because it provides a very strong wool-like carpet texture. It also resists dirt, even if the colors are light, stains do not appear and you can use it in the living rooms.




  • It should be dyed to make it look great. 
  • Exposure to sunlight may damage the appearance of the carpet. 
  • It is also not comfortable to walk on.


  • Acrylic

Acrylic is like wool fabric, it is often used as an inexpensive alternative to wool. However, it is not widely available.


Carpet style

There are also two main types of carpets that are defined according to the way the carpet fibers are attached together:


  • Loop pile:

This means that the carpet fibers are twisted into small loops, this type of carpet is durable and stain-resistant. But it has low quality and is inconvenient to walk on. It includes the level loop and multi-level loops.


  • Cut pile: 

This type has no loops. It is denser and softer than the above type. There are several types of cut pile:


  • Plush

Plush carpet features a smooth texture. Its appearance is more formal than others, so it can be placed in the living area where guests sit.


  • Saxony

Saxony has a smooth finish, and this type is thicker than other carpets, so the texture of this one is different. This type of carpet is very popular.


  • Textured

This type is created by fibers of uneven lengths. It is considered inappropriate in rooms where the family sits for long hours.


  • Frieze

Also known as a “shaggy carpet”, it consists of long fibers. It is a durable type of carpet.



  • Cable

This type of carpet is very comfortable because it is made of long and thick fibers.


How can I choose my carpet?

Choosing a new carpet for your home makes you feel happy because it is an important part of home décor. Now you know the types of carpets and the carpet texture, so you can choose the type of carpet that suits you. Get 5 tips to help you figure out how to choose the right carpet for your home.


  • The use


Before buying a carpet, you will need to think about the room in which to place it and why it will be used.

For example, the living room that the family will use constantly will need a different type of carpet than the bedroom. The rug will be different if you also use it for warmth or to protect your children while playing. So it is imperative to understand your home’s needs thoroughly before purchasing a new carpet.


  • The color


One of the most difficult things when buying a carpet is choosing its color because there are so many choices of colors. But it is necessary to know the role of each color in adding a certain touch to your home. For example, if you intend to add warmth, go-to red or gold, while if you are looking for relaxation, blue or beige will be completely comfortable.


And if the room has no windows, then the light colors will be the most appropriate because it gives a sense of spacious space. In general, before you get a carpet, it is better to take pictures of the house, so you can choose the right carpet. As for children’s rooms, you should choose cheerfully colored carpets, and you can choose dark carpets in rooms that family sets more to prevent dirt. While the living room needs hot colors like yellow, red, or orange.


  • The Material

In the carpet industry, different types of natural and synthetic fibers are used. As we have mentioned, the softest material on the carpet is wool, which is the most luxurious and durable. However, its price is very expensive.

Make sure to choose the right carpet material, as we advise you when choosing the carpet material to consider how to clean it.


  • The size

The size of the carpet should be proportional to the size of the room, and it is preferably by the shape of the room, where the square room needs a square rug, and the rectangular room needs a rectangular carpet.


  • The budget

Before buying a carpet, you should know the prices of different carpet materials, and then the price and then make a balance between the price and the comfort. Keep in mind that the different materials for the carpets can give you the same features you need. For example, wool material is known to be the best carpet texture, but its cost is high so you can replace it with synthetic fiber carpets as it can give you the same features at a lower price.


Carpet cleaning

As we mentioned that carpets are an essential part of your home furnishing, so it must be clean to give a nice look. You can clean the carpets by yourself using the appropriate cleaning materials, or you can hire a carpet cleaning company to save time, effort, and money.


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