Kids bedrooms: Things to be found in kid’s bedrooms

Kids bedrooms: Things to be found in kid’s bedrooms

We all love and care about designing our home attractively and decently, however, sometimes during we pay attention to the smallest details in the design of our home, we forget some of the things which we have to do mainly, including kids bedrooms. A kid loves to have his own space to live in his fantasy world.

Giving your kids – whether in his early years or teenage years – a delightful and comfortable room not just makes him happy but also makes him feel free, play, eager to study, learn and innovate, and contribute to his or her personality well.

Choosing kid’s bedroom designs may be confusing because of the spread of decorations nowadays, but at first you can design an attractive kid’s bedrooms with many ideas from choosing the color of the wall paint harmoniously to the choice of furniture and its elegant organization, through several ideas that attract the child by using wallpaper, drawing on the wall ..etc.

In this article, you will find tips for designing wonderful kids bedrooms to suit your child in many different shapes and colors, and things to provide in the kids’ bedroom.


* Tips for designing children’s bedrooms

Tips for designing children's bedrooms

– First, consider the safety of the kid when making a design plan, by keeping away everything that could harm him, such as sharp materials and fast-burning fabrics, avoid putting candles, and be careful to keep electricity as far as possible.

– Leave a reasonable space in the room to be free of furniture and accessories, suitable for the movement of the child and his activity and games.

– Designing kids bedrooms can be an opportunity to develop the child’s talents and skills and can turn the kid’s bedroom into a vital source of creativity and imagination.

– Use fun, colorful furnishings, and cheerful graphics.


* Things to be found in kid’s bedrooms

– For the child’s bed

For the child's bed

When choosing a bed in kids bedroom plan, you should consider that it is safe so that it is not easy for the child to fall from it, so that the child can play, move and stand on it safely and without fear. It is, therefore, necessary to take into account very important points when choosing a crib, including:

– Keep in mind that the sides of the bed are flexible moving type from top to bottom and vice versa, to make it easier for you to carry the child from the bed and put him easily without disturbing him.

– Avoid sharp furniture and metal furniture in general due to lack of comfort when touching the skin of the child’s delicate texture of the metal.

– It is possible to choose frames and pictures with children’s drawings suitable for the overall decoration of the room and suitable for children in general, it is possible to put small chairs to suit the general taste of the room. In addition, illuminated shutters can be placed on the wall or a suitable carpet on the floor.


– For colors

For colors

Attention to the placement of bright, striking colors for the child such as blue, green, yellow and red are useful colors in the kids’ bedrooms where the spirit is sent in the place. But avoid choosing more than three or four colors in the room so that the child does not fall into confusion. Here are the colors you can use in children’s bedrooms:

– Gray: Most parents do not choose gray as a paint color for their children’s bedrooms. However, modern designers use this color for the walls by mixing it with other colors. Gray can be obtained by mixing blue and orange, green and red or yellow and purple. These colors help create a palette of fairly warm and vibrant colors.

– Blue and green: No one can disagree on the use of blue and green as paint for the walls of children’s bedrooms, because they are considered as one of the best kids room color ideas. They are simple colors, cheerful and comfortable to the eye.

Yellow: It is not preferred to be used in children’s rooms because it is supposed to cause headaches and irritability. However, you can use color in wall art taking care to introduce other quiet colors with it.


– For lighting

For lighting

Having a spotlight in front of their bed is very hard for your child. Try to focus the light away from the kid’s bed and be dim and not bright because most of our children sleep with the light on. But all kinds of electric or moving lights should be kept out of children’s reach and this one of the most important things found in bedroom.


– For curtains

For curtains

Choose colorful curtains for your child’s bedroom. Nowadays, you will find in the shops curtains in the form of cartoon characters, which could excite your child. Curtains are extremely important because it blocks out the sun and allows your child to feel comfortable. They are simple to add warmth and color to your child’s bedroom.


– For cabinets

For cabinets

Your child is going to enjoy a lot of different games and toys when they are young, and leaving them on the floor is going to make the room look messy. So you’ll need to provide enough storage space for them to store all of these things easily, just pack them in places where your child can reach them.


– For handmade and carpets

For handmade and carpets

If your child loves handmade work whether it is drawing or any kind of handmade, you can add a touch in his or her bedroom. It is an opportunity to allow your child to add their unique touch.

Carpet colors should be chosen to match the wall colors and the color of the bedroom furniture, preferably small carpets to be easily changed.


– For room furniture

For room furniture

At first, when the room is small, you should rely on small furniture and distribute it well. When choosing your children’s bedroom furniture, follow these guidelines:

– Shelves are more useful than the space hanging in children’s lockers.

– You have to choose the furniture pieces of kids bedrooms from easy to clean materials, children use pens to write on everything inside their room whether they are walls, curtains, floors, carpets so choose wooden floors makes cleaning easier.

Kids bedrooms furniture must be chosen adaptable in the long term, children grow rapidly physically and here we talk about the ability of furniture to resize to suit the age of children or replace some things in the furniture without changing it all.


* In the end, we advise you not to have too much furniture in your child’s room, even if space and financial ability capacity you, to provide your child with a safe space to play away from any risks.


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