Natural insecticides: How to get rid of common household bugs

Oct 18, 2018

Common household bugs can be a pest, and they are called common for a reason! Almost all houses go through an invasion by insects at some point or another. So even if you keep your house spotless you may find that some insects have found their way in.

The thing is excessive use of pesticides can worsen the problem. It harms you, your family and the environment. So how can you get rid of common household bugs while staying green you ask; here is your answer.

How to get rid of indoor ants

Indoor ants can be the most tricky among common household bugs; people try and try and never seem to find the right solution. Even insecticides do not always help with ants. However, the answer to this common nuisance might be easier than you think, and you probably have it in your house already.

After you clean your house, sprinkle the areas more prone to inviting ants with either black pepper or baby powder. If you have pets though stick with the baby powder as the black pepper would probably bother them.

Ants are also repelled by mint. So placing some mint plants around your windows can stop them from crawling in. You can also spray a mixture of peppermint essential oil and water around your doors and windows for the same effect.

How to get rid of cockroaches

Even though they are not as harmful as other household bugs, Cockroaches scare people the most. No one likes seeing a roach in their kitchen right?

Most people would recommend boric acid, as it is the least harmful chemical out there. However, there are natural ways to get the job done. For instance, you can mix equal amounts of sugar and baking soda and put some small amounts of the mixture around the corners in the kitchen. Sugar lures the roaches and while baking soda is safe for humans and pets it is poisonous to insects.

Also a very good idea is to keep a spray bottle filled with water and fabric softener mixture in hand. Use this spray when you see any cockroaches moving around.

How to get rid of spiders

Unless you’re Spiderman, chances are spiders creep you out! To get rid of the dreaded spiders all you need is some white vinegar, who knew!

Mix one third water with two thirds white vinegar and put the mixture in a spray bottle, spritz any spider on sight. For more protection, if you happen to find a spider spritz it and spray a generous amount of the same mixture in any hideaways that may host more spiders.

How to get rid of flies

The most annoying household bug by far, flies can be very challenging to get rid of. This solution will not kill them, but it will help you keep flies out of your house. It feels like nothing ever kills flies anyway!

Basil is a natural way to fight flies and win, whether it was a green plant in your window or dried basil poaches around your dining room, it gets the job done.

How to get rid of mosquitos

Same as flies, this solution will only repel the mosquitos and keep them out of your house, albeit we have to admit it is a bit easier to kill a mosquito than a fly.

Catnip is the magic plant that repels mosquitos, keep a few plants in your garden and you can enjoy the summer nights without those annoying bugs and their painful bites.