The top 8 interior design trends in 2018 for a refreshed and vibrant look

The top 8 interior design trends in 2018 for a refreshed and vibrant look

It’s a new year which means our houses are in desperate need of a complete makeover. If you are wondering what 2018 brought to the world of interior design, then you came to the right place. Here we give you the top 8 interior design trends in 2018 to give your house that refreshed and vibrant look it lacks.

1.  Spa-Inspired Bathrooms

Spa-Inspired Bathrooms

People are more inclined to have a spa-inspired bathroom that radiates peace and relaxation in each and every corner. A bathroom that helps melt all of your day’s worries and set your mood straight is the perfect way to get your own and private spa weekend from the comfort of your own home. You can easily get the look by using earthy paint colours, dimming bathroom lights, faux wood tiles, scented lotions and soaps…etc.

2. Patterned Plants

Patterned Plants

The different shades of green make any room shine and give it a new lease of life. Patterned plants aren’t going anywhere in 2018 for they give any space a vibrant and refreshed look. Whether you decided to hang them on the wall or place them on one side of the living room, patterned plants will always are considered one of the cheapest decoration tricks to make simple yet tasteful changes to any room.

3. Faux Stone Panels

Faux Stone Panels

Faux stone panels bring the beauty of the natural look of brick or stone to your space. With a wide array of appealing new patterns and natural colour mixes, fake stone panels give you the desired look of the hand-cut rock that perfectly combines life-like realism, sophistication and convenience. Besides adding a natural look to your entire space, they are an extremely affordable decoration option to adopt and one that is going to last for ages.

4. Statement ceilings

Statement ceilings

Statement ceilings are the new thing in 2018. You can have your own statement ceiling by wallpapering, tiling, decorating or painting instead of applying these changes to your wall. In other words, consider the ceiling your fifth wall! It’s an entirely new and inventive way to transform your room completely from the top down. Decorating your ceiling will definitely give your space the modern and eclectic look it is lacking.

5. Stylish and show-stopping front doors

Stylish and show-stopping front doors

Front doors have the power to make a long and lasting impression of how a house looks and feels from the inside. Front doors are usually the one forgotten surface when it comes to decoration. There are plenty of ideas and creative ways to curate statement front doors and upgrade your entryway with a touch of style. Whether you go for a new design or a stylish and bold colour or through the addition of the right planters; a front door that is outfitted to its fullest will definitely say a lot about you.

6. Dazzling Geometric Walls

Dazzling Geometric Walls

If you are bored of the how your wall looks then consider geometric wall. This can be done with wallpapers, paint or art. Geometric walls make a big statement in your house. The lines and angels of geometry will make your wall pop and add a totally different and vibrant look to your space. 2018 is definitely the year where geometric walls loaded with triangles, rich tones and modern accent pieces are one of the rising interior design trends.

7. Vintage Lighting Designs

Vintage Lighting Designs

Antique Lighting Fixtures, hanging lamps; table lamps; kerosene fixtures; gas fixtures and electric fixtures are all the new and stylish lighting designs for this year. They don’t only create a focal point for your living room or kitchen, but they also bring balanced elegance and presence that won’t go unnoticed. Rest assured this lighting trend is not going anywhere anytime soon as it has been there for a while now and is guaranteed to last forever.

8. Metal Finishes

Metal Finishes

One of 2018’s new interior design trends is to use metal finishes to add intrigue and texture to their interiors. Metallic finishes work perfectly well with light and dark woods and help create warmth all while maintaining a contemporary feel. You can also mix and match between metals and create the perfect blend of style and sophistication to your interiors. Metal finishes add richness and depth to your house.

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