Zen-inspired homes: 6 Tips to Zen up your house

Zen-inspired homes: 6 Tips to Zen up your house

Zen-inspired homes radiate warmth, peacefulness, and coziness all around. And even though this particular design doesn’t follow a set of rules, but it creates a soothing ambiance more than any other decorative style.

And amidst today’s hectic and busy life, Zen-inspired homes have a naturally built in-ability to absorb negative energy and spread peace and joy.

If you are looking to bring in peace and positive vibes in your home, then decorating your house in the Zen style is your answer.

Here are 6 tips to Zen up your house and transfer it to a tranquil haven.

1- Declutter Room by Room

Declutter Room by Room

A cluttered house is a cluttered mind!

This is why decluttering your house room by room will help create that peace of mind you are seeking.

Clear, organize, and clean your house and you will get that simple and appealing look.

Zen style is all about letting go of stuff we don’t need and live as much simpler life as through simplicity comes great beauty.

2- Use Breezy Earth Tones

Use Breezy Earth Tones

Natural and earthy tones spread good vibes and calmness and that is what the Zen style is all about.

Flashy colors take away from the simplicity of the décor.

Earthy shades feel a little muted instead of super bright and they are white, grey, beige, brown, burgundy and more.

Use these earthy tones and we guarantee you are stress-free living space and a haven of peace.

3- Lowline furniture

Lowline furniture

Large and fussy furniture pieces are anything but simple.

Hence, replace these big items with low line pieces to create clean lines in your entire house.

Simplicity is the key element in the Zen style and low line furniture will make your house appealing, cozy, and inviting.

4- Let it shine

Let it shine

Bringing more natural light into your house through the use of large windows, translucent shades, mirrors will make your house more inviting than ever.

Natural light makes houses feel happier and fresher than interior lights.

Reduce your reliance on interior lights or be smart when using them to create a warm space such as using floor lamps or candle lights.

5- Add natural décor

Add natural décor

And by that, we mean to bring nature indoors through the use of houseplants and flowers.

Adding a touch of nature inside your house doesn’t only create positive vibes and radiates joy, but also plants help to purify the air in your home.

De-stress your house and bring in nature indoors.

Just imagine waking up to a house full of colorful plants and flowers! Nothing beats the joy plants bring to our hearts and peace to our minds.

6- Naturally scent your home

Naturally scent your home

Naturally scenting your home will leave it all fresh and clean in addition to creating a soothing and calm ambiance in your house.

Flowers are a great way to make your house smell amazing naturally. Also, essential oils such as lavender, thyme, orange, ginger, and peppermint improve the scent of your house.

Ditch chemical fragrances and start freshening up your house using natural alternatives that will last for long periods of time and help you feel all relaxed and calm.

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