8 Common rules you should break when decorating small spaces

8 Common rules you should break when decorating small spaces

When it comes to decorating small spaces, there are many decorating laws that stand in the way of getting creative with your space.

Just because your space is small, doesn’t mean you have to compromise and settle for a less appealing look.

Small spaces are the perfect place to unleash your creativity.

Which is why we give you here 8 common rules you should break when decorating small spaces.

1- Small spaces, brighter colours

Small spaces, brighter colours

This is the biggest myth of them all!

The size of a room should not affect your choice of paint colours.

You can make a small room cosy and warm with dark paint colours as well.

Bright or dark, you can create an inviting space by mixing more than one colour palette and using dark shades with light ones.

However, when opting for dark wall colours, make sure to use fewer furniture pieces.

2- Small spaces, small furniture

Small spaces, small furniture

Design experts always recommend bigger furniture pieces for small spaces.

The thing is, bigger pieces make small spaces look much bigger than they are.

Bigger furniture pieces create the illusion that your space is big.

Opting for small furniture pieces will make your space look odd and unwelcoming.

3- Small spaces, brighter ceiling

Small spaces, brighter ceiling

Yes, dark ceilings in small spaces will do make your room look smaller or shorter.

Be savvy when decorating your house!

Meaning that if you chose darker shades for your ceiling, paint your walls with brighter paint colours.

No one fancies a dark room from floor-to-ceiling.

4- Small spaces, one pattern

Small spaces, one pattern

Blindly mixing patterns can make even the largest of rooms look messy and unpleasant.

When decorating a small space with more than one pattern, you need to be smart.

Mixing and matching between different patterns will make your space look much more alive and welcoming, only if you do it wisely.

5- Small spaces, no rugs

Small spaces, no rugs

Many fear that rugs will eat up their small space, but that is completely incorrect.

Rugs will actually give the illusion that your space is large and big.

Use a rug that extends beyond the furniture to create the illusion of an additional space.

When used wisely, rugs can actually be a clever addition to your small space.

6- Small spaces, furniture against the wall

Small spaces, furniture against the wall

A lot of homeowners used to place their furniture against the wall to make their space look bigger.

But that is not the only rule when it comes to where to put your furniture.

Your walls shouldn’t tell you where to put your furniture.

You can choose to place them all in the middle of the room, or some against the wall while the rest in the middle.

The point is, you are free to place your furniture the way you want to create a small, cosy and welcoming space.

7- Small spaces, no creativity

Small spaces, no creativity

Small spaces are the perfect spaces to show your creativity.

If you are allowed to mix different patterns, why not go crazy and mix everything.

And by that, we mean to mix fabrics, textures and even shapes.

Why buy an identical set of chairs for your small dining room when you can get creative and buy different sets!

What’s brilliant about small spaces is how wild your imagination can go to create your own masterpiece.

8- Small spaces, small-scale artwork

 Small spaces, small-scale artwork

Another myth that homeowners follow blindly.

According to many interior designing experts, the large-scale artwork will act as the defining element of your space.

Unlike its size, small space does like larger and bigger pieces.

Bigger is often better!

That is why, when displaying artwork, opt for large pieces that will give your small space a massive style.





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