6 Budget-friendly kitchen remodels that won’t break your bank

6 Budget-friendly kitchen remodels that won’t break your bank

You don’t have to break a bank to remodel your kitchen as with some quick and easy budget-friendly kitchen remodels, your kitchen will get the makeover you have always wanted.

Experts have given us tips and tricks to do an entire facelift to our kitchens without having to announce our bankruptcy while doing so.

Here we give you 6 of the most effective budget-friendly kitchen remodels that will save you both time and money.

1- Repaint old cabinets

Repaint old cabinets

Repainting your old cabinets will make them look as good as new.

If your cabinets are not severely damaged, then a coat of paint will do the trick.

A new coat of paint will transform the look of your entire kitchen with extremely little expense.

And whether you opt for light or dark colors, be sure that repainting over old paint will spruce up your weary kitchen cabinets.

2- Replace old hardware

Replace old hardware

Paint isn’t the only way to revive your old cabinets as changing knobs, pulls, handles and other kitchen hardware can also make your kitchen look fresh and new.

Nowadays, kitchen hardware has different shapes and sizes.

Kitchen hardware is usually an overlooked accessory, however, it has the ability to change the way your kitchen looks entirely without having to change any of the surroundings.

3- Add more lights

Add more lights

Lights whether natural or artificial make the space more bright and inviting.

Do you have a curtain covering your kitchen window?

Is your kitchen not illuminated enough?

Do you have old fixtures?

Adding more lights to your existing lights like under cabinet lights or pendants will brighten up your kitchen.

Uncovering your windows and allowing more natural light in, is also another way to add more light with no expense at all.

Another thing is to replace your old fixtures with new and modern ones to give your kitchen a new appearance.

4- Create an accent wall

Create an accent wall

Accent walls can transform a dull kitchen into an interesting place to actually sit and eat in.

Choose one wall and paint it with an entirely different color than the rest of the walls.

Be creative with your color choices and go for colors that would interrupt the eye and invite more people in.

And don’t worry the wall looked odd as the best thing about paint is you can do the same wall over and over again till you are satisfied with the color you got.

5- Opt for open shelves

Opt for open shelves

Open shelves actually make your kitchen look and feel bigger than it already is.

You can add a decorative touch by placing colorful plates on these shelves.

You can even show off your collection of china patterns, serving pieces, and mugs.

The open shelves trend has been going on for a while now and it is an extremely cost-effective solution that offers an aesthetic appearance to your kitchen as well.

6- A touch of green

A touch of green

Plants have the ability to revive and create a new feel to any room around the house.

And since a kitchen is a room with heavy traffic, adding plants will spice up your space and radiate warmth.

Kitchen flowers and plants create a vibrant space and add a fresh feel to your kitchen.

You can put them on your countertop; hang them on a wall or from the ceiling and create your own hanging garden.

A touch of green may be all your kitchen needs to look and feel all-new, refreshed, and vibrant.


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