7 hidden water leakage signs that you should start looking for

7 hidden water leakage signs that you should start looking for

Water leakages in your house are an extreme pain in the neck especially for those leakages that aren’t easy to detect.

Some water leakages are easy to see and notice such as toilet leaks, showerheads and faucets.

Others are hidden and will take you long to notice and by that time the damage will have gone way too far.

Here we rounded up 7 hidden water leakage signs that you should start looking for before things escalate.

1- Damaged Walls/ Ceilings

Damaged Walls/ Ceilings - water leakages

When you spot a damaged wall or ceiling, then you should know that a pipe behind the wall has probably burst or is leaking.

The damage will take the form of wet spots on dry walls and ceilings that might even progress to dripping spots.

Don’t ignore a moisture wall; otherwise, you will end up spending much more money restoring your damaged wall or ceiling.

2- Mould


For mould to grow there has to be moisture surroundings.

This is why the first sign to look for is mould.

Whether you found it under the sink or on the ceiling or walls, there is you sign of a leaking pipe somewhere.

3- Rotten Smell

Rotten Smell

Do you have a basement?

Do you have a storage room?

Rooms that are probably used to store stuff are the ones we rarely check.

In the case of water leakage, these rooms will develop mould which will develop a very nasty smell, especially in rooms with no ventilation.

This is why we advise you to go check that little storage room you have in your house and search for any of leakage signs.

4- Saggy Floors

Saggy Floors - water leakages

A saggy floor is another sign of leakage that should be promptly treated.

Uneven or saggy floors indicate the existence of a leakage underneath.

This leakage might be from a broken pipe directly underneath or a broken pipe somewhere in the ground that crawled to your entire flooring.

5- Blistering Paint/Wallpaper

Blistering Paint/Wallpaper - water leakages

When you notice wall paint or wallpapers starting to develop what only can be described as pimples or worst they started to peel, then here is your sign.

Blistering paint or wallpapers is definitely a sign of leakage behind your wall.

Usually, leakage signs on walls won’t appear right away, which is why it is extremely crucial to address the problem as, by the time you notice the problem, leakage will be developing way too fast.

6- Water Bill Spike

Water Bill Spike - water leakages

Observing your water bill regularly will help you detect any leakage even before any real damage occurs to your house.

If your water usage hasn’t changed from one month to another, then you are probably aware of the monthly cost you pay.

But if one month you noticed a spike in your water bill even though your usage hasn’t changed, then this is a sign of leakage taking place in your house.

The moment you notice a change in your water bill, hurry and hire a plumber in Bahrain to check your house.

7- Cold Spaces

Cold Spaces - water leakages

Whether in winter or summer, if you noticed that one room in the house is cooler than the rest; then this might be a leakage sign.

Water tends to extract heat and help to cool the surrounding area.

Which is why in the case of any water leakages in your ceiling, floor or walls and it is left unnoticed for a while, then chances are you will feel that one particular room cooler than the rest of the house.

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