Balcony Design: The best 12 balcony decoration designs

Balcony Design: The best 12 balcony decoration designs

An outdoor balcony is just a dream for most people who live in the city, even if it is just a small balcony. If you’re lucky enough to own a balcony, then it will be awesome to create an incredible balcony design. This means doing more than just putting in a lawn chair and calling it the day. It doesn’t matter if you own a small or a big balcony it is all about who to make use of it.

A balcony can add more elegance to the general outdoor aesthetics of your home. Terraces are great places to gather family and friends, have a weekend barbecue, relax, take in the views, and watch the world go by.

If you are considering adding a balcony structure at home, do you have a design already ready? Or do you know which balcony design is right for your home?

Different Types of Balconies

There are many decoration designs for the house and balconies that give a different atmosphere to the house, the balcony is the area that if you give it attention you will find fun in spending time in it

Hung balconies

This type of balcony structure is made of stainless steel wire fixed on balcony edges. The large panel is attached to the building at a 45-degree angle.

It’s as simple as anchoring steel cables to walls, anchoring them to a board, and hanging a balcony. The method works by using a wall bolt of 50% and pulling forces of 50%. This balcony design is simple and not very popular to use.

Stacked balconies

A porch on Columns is the most popular and popular porch design due to its simplicity. Aside from that, these stacked porches have only a minimal load on the building or structure. Stacked porches not attached to the building; It is actually a separate structure from the building.

Cantilever or projecting balconies

Cantilevered terraces are platforms that are added to the building in a way that shows the balcony from the face of the building without any visual support. The weight of the balcony roof is supported by the support of the structure from the wall.

Balcony Decking

Decking on a balcony needs several considerations to achieve the most appropriate design. These considerations include materials, color, government, local code requirements, who will use them, and how you will eventually complete the building.

Brilliant Balcony Design Ideas

Install a Swing

If space permits on your balcony, a hammock will be just what your balcony needs. Enjoy an afternoon sleep in the fresh breeze! It’s also good to hang a swing seat where you can sit back to enjoy the view.

Take Advantage of Good Views

If your balcony is large enough, convert it into an outdoor dining room. Here, instead of a seating area, there is a casual alfresco dining corner. With a seafront and covered in a canopy of tropical plants, this balcony features minimal decor, allowing us to focus on the natural environment.

Add a Cover

Cover your balcony to create shade and protect from the elements. You don’t have to build a permanent upper structure though. Alternatively, pin outdoor fabric or tarp to corner posts for a bohemian look.

Add a Folding Table And Chairs

The table is always a great addition to your balcony. Choose foldable balcony furniture, so that it won’t get in the way when not in use. Also, be sure to choose a material that will not be damaged in rain and sun. You can even consider having a wall bench that folds flat when not needed.

Wooden Deck

With this balcony design, you can use high-quality exterior wood deck tiles to create a beautiful surface on your balcony. Sit back and enjoy the breeze!

Start a Plant Collection

You can turn even the smallest porches into a charming garden. Use a variety of potted plants and planter boxes on the floor as well as in hanging pots, and use every inch of available space to transform your balcony into a green outdoor oasis. Make sure to place plants that need sunlight on the outside. Try to use an interesting mix of flowering plants, succulents, and greens to create layers. After all your hard work equipping your lawn, do not forget to water it regularly and take good care of it. Of course, you don’t want a brown dry garden.

Accessorize the floor

Leaving your floors can make the space appear empty and deserted. A rug can make your balcony appear more spacious, choose the right print to create the illusion of a larger space. You can even have a faux grass carpet, and with its many window planters, it can make your balcony a small urban garden.

Create a Sense of Privacy

Instead of a larger outdoor armchair or sofa, choose a thin seat. It will take up less space but can be just as comfortable if you add a pillow and blanket. Also, you can use a room divider which allows you to have a nice illusion of privacy if you share the space with a neighbor.

Set Up an Herb Garden

If you love to cook as much as you like the outdoors, set up a mini garden and start growing your own herbs to cook with. It’s the perfect place to do this if you don’t have a large garden outside. This way, you don’t have to invest in any balcony decor – the plants speak for themselves.

Elegant lighting

The porch isn’t just for the day, add some stylish lighting fixtures and you have the perfect spot for summer evenings. Lighting can make any space appear more spacious or comfortable. So set your mood and choose the right lighting accordingly.

Create A Reading Nook In Your Balcony

A comfy chair and a small side table (or ledge if you don’t have enough room for a table) can turn your balcony into your favorite spot at home. You can enjoy the scenery, relax with your cup, read, write, meditate, or do your own things. Don’t forget a warm throw to make you comfortable if you doze off while reading.

Create A Lawn

Have you ever thought about installing a lawn on your balcony? While a real lawn should be planned in the early stages of your building, it is never too late to have a beautiful garden look. You can look for synthetic grass that looks almost as natural as the real thing but can be preserved with minimal care.

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