Best bedroom colors: The most 9 popular bedrooms colors
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Best bedroom colors: The most 9 popular bedrooms colors

Last updated on June 22, 2020 06:06 am

 Your bedroom is the most important place for you, as it is where you spend your time when you tired after a long day and therefore the decor should be comfortable and the right bedroom paint color choice will make a huge difference in how you feel. One of the most common questions asked when it comes to choosing you to decorate your bedroom is "what color should I use?" Choosing the best bedroom colors is confusing for many people, especially those who will get married. It depends on your preferences, your favorite color, your lifestyle, your budget, and your décor in the rest of your home. Do you know that colors affect our moods? For example, Blue has been found to make you sleepy. Yellow makes you happy. Green refreshes the mind. Whatever your goals are for your bedroom, keep reading to find out how you can paint your bedroom to improve your home and your mood through your best bedroom colors. Hopefully, you’ll find inspiration to help you select your best bedroom colors.


Use your favorite colors

Do you love pink, blue or black? When you choose your bedroom colors, think about the colors that make you feel better. One of the most obvious choices for your bedroom's color scheme is your favorite color or combination of colors. In the room where you sleep and restore your energies, you should be surrounded by the colors that you love.


Get inspired by Artwork

If you have a favorite photo or painting, don't hesitate to use it, especially when choosing the colors for kids' bedrooms "link". Using the artwork will offer great color options.


Popular colors and their moods

As we mentioned above, the colors affect our moods. When selecting a color, keep in mind your personal style. Below are some popular bedroom colors and their moods.

- Red, white, and black

Black and white are classic colors, of course, but adding red into the mix takes the colors to a new level of energy. As we know, Red is the most energetic of all the colors, so if you have a desk in your bedroom or often study on your bed, this color can get you in the right mood to bring out your best ideas. We recommend using this color sparingly in the bedroom.


- Blue bedroom colors

Blue signifies calm, peacefulness, relaxation. It should be one of your best choices for bedroom colors as it is the best for a good night's sleep, sweet dreams, and it encourages a feeling of ease. If you live in hot weather, blue can make your room feels a bit cooler. If your room doesn't have enough natural light or if you often read at night, go for pastel blue as they will keep your room looking bright. If you would like to avoid continually feeling blue, we recommend staying away from dark shades of blue.

No matter which blue you choose, this is the color that will have you sleeping peacefully.


- Green bedroom colors

Greens are the best bedroom colors that improve your room and your mood. Green makes you feel calm and refreshed. Green shades are suitable for rooms with large spaces that can be used for reading or meditation. Green also recommended for those who have trouble waking up or falling asleep as greens have a mind-clearing and restorative effect on moods.


- Neutralizing white

If you are a couple and want to make your room more romantic, surprisingly it is not red that inspires romance, but neutral color. Neutral colors such as whites to beige are great which don't tend to have much of an effect on mood, it allows you to focus on the details in your bedroom, focus on the art on the walls, the fabrics on the bed. If you like to change your bedroom colors, we recommend choosing shade like this as it can be matched with any style. This shade is also great for practical people who enjoy the feeling of bright and open spaces.


- Yellow color

If you are a morning person who likes to open the blinds and the windows the moment you wake up, yellow will be a great choice. It will match your natural morning mood. Yellow represents joy, and help you leave your worries and be happy. If you paint your room yellow, we recommend going for a softer pastel shade. 

- Purple color

This color is perfect for modern bedrooms. It makes the other colors of the room stand out beautifully. When you use purple color, choose the light shades which make you feel comforted and calm. Although darker purples give rooms a much more luxurious feel, they can often lower our energy levels.


 - Pink color

This color is flexible for all personalities and lifestyles. It makes you feel calm and relieved of any anger. It is also known to encourage playfulness and feelings of kindness. The pink color would be ideal for kids' bedroom or playroom. It will give you a smooth touch, elegant, and inspire happiness to your bedroom.


- Gray color

This color isn't the choice for someone who wants to stay in bed. It is for those who sleep lightly and wake up early because gray is the ultimate between black and white color. It is an easy way to help you set your perfect mood and can make a room seem a little more spacious. It represents peace and balance, so it can be ideal for people who have trouble sleeping. Lighter shades tend to make a room feel calm and airy.


- Black color

Black not very popular choice in the bedroom colors, people are always worried about painting a room black — they say 'But it's going to be so dark. But color psychology recommends having this color in your bedroom. It helps you focus and feel in control. Black color can make any bedroom chic, especially when it matched with the right décor to balance out the darkness, you can pair with white or neutral walls.


* At the end, when you want to change your best bedroom colors, follow your style. If you decorate it depends on your personal style, other people will appreciate it because it's you, even if they'd never decorate their own house in the same way. That means you can make any color look good as long as it's your taste. Pick a color you love and paint your bedroom walls, furniture, or anything that makes you happy.


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