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Top Tips and Tricks on How to Clean Kitchen Cabinets

Last updated on May 3, 2023 11:05 am

The kitchen is the kingdom of every woman because she spends a lot of her day preparing food for her family, so taking care of its cleanliness is inevitable, especially because its the most of the corners of the apartment are vulnerable to dirt, dust and fat due to the cooking fats that stick to it daily, so the kitchen needs to be cleaned constantly. One of the neglected corners of the kitchen is the kitchen cabinets, so in this article, we will mention tips and tricks on how to clean the kitchen cabinets.

The importance of cleaning the kitchen Cabinets 

The importance of cleaning the kitchen Cabinets 

Daily kitchen cleaning, wiping and polishing the floors is a regular thing that happens daily or at least day after day, but it does not protect you from insects and bacteria, cabinets and cupboards have the same importance even though they are a place where dirt, dust, stains, grease and other food residues are collected, and over Time becomes a gathering place for bacteria that are transferred to food while you are not even seeing them with your eyes, so cleaning kitchen cabinets is extremely important. Therefore, care must be taken to clean it once a month or two with a lot.


You must wipe the outside of the kitchen cabinets at least once a week, and the interior parts need a monthly cleaning at least once. The idea of ​​taking out all the stored things and cleaning in their place may seem like a crazy and difficult idea, but it is easier if you empty one every week and clean it. Only one per week and you'll be able to finish all the kitchen in a month, without ever having to empty the entire kitchen.

Kitchen Cabinets Cleaning Methods

Kitchen cabinets need to be cleaned continuously, but this is a great effort, so we have divided them into several parts, read them, to know one of the kitchen cabinets cleaning tricks that can suit you and benefit you.

Daily Cleaning

Daily Cleaning - Clean Kitchen Cabinets

  • Combine vinegar with water to make a solution for daily cleaning of kitchen cupboards, mix a cup of water with a cup of vinegar In a sprayer, if you do not want to use vinegar or hate its smell, you can replace it with the dishwashing liquid, but make sure that the dishwashing liquid is not harsh on wood or paint so as not to damage your kitchen.
  • Use this mixture daily to wipe the kitchen cupboard after you have finished cooking because the fats that stick to it when cooking are difficult to remove.
  • After wiping the wood or painting the kitchen with the mixture, dry it well, because moisture will damage the wood, the paint, or the material from which the kitchen cupboard is made.
  • You can clean the kitchen cupboards from the inside every week or two, and be careful with that, especially the spice shutter, because pouring it is possible, which gives an unsatisfactory smell to the kitchen and collects insects.

Deep Cleaning 

Deep Cleaning 

  • Buy an oil-based cleaning fluid for wood or the kitchen cabinets type, this liquid is specially made to remove tough grease and dirt that stick to kitchen cabinets, it eliminates the fats that are difficult for vinegar, water or dishwashing liquid (the daily cleaning method) to clean. Note, this solution does not harm wood or kitchen types in general, to make sure that it does not damage the kitchen, put it on a piece of cloth and clean a small part of the kitchen cupboard if it does not change colour as continue cleaning.

The kitchen is cleaned with oily liquid once every month or two, with a commitment to cleaning it with vinegar and water daily.

  • After cleaning the kitchen cupboard with liquid, wipe again with a wet towel, to remove the liquid residue and fat stuck to it, then wipe it again with a dry towel because the wet cupboard gets dirty faster and even damaged.
  • Remove stuck-on food remnants that are difficult for you to get rid of despite rubbing them with a baking soda solution, by mixing it with a little water to form a kind of soft dough, and wipe it over the stains to get rid of them.

Tips for Warding off Foul Cabinet Odours

Tips for Warding off Foul Cabinet Odours - Clean Kitchen Cabinets

As we mentioned that neglecting to clean kitchen cabinets constantly causes spices and foods to rot, so do the following:

  • Empty all the contents of the cupboard and discard the expired foods, then remove the papers or pieces of fabric from the shelves if you are using them and replace them with clean ones.
  • Use a daily hygiene mixture (vinegar and water) and clean it from the inside, as vinegar removes unpleasant odours, then dry the cabinets and leave them open for a few hours until they dry up and dry completely.
  • 3- During the time that the cabinets are ventilated, clean the items you usually put in them. Wipe the outside of all containers and cans, making sure they are airtight. Put boxes of spices and condiments in nylon bags to reduce their strong odours. Return the items and leave the cabinets open overnight.
  • 4- If you want to prevent the accumulation of odours inside the cabinets, put in it a cup of ground coffee or baking soda. These two components absorb unpleasant odours from closed places. You can leave the cup for several weeks. Do not use air fresheners inside cabinets, as it does not affect foods and contribute to the spread of mould in them.

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