Solar Energy Company in Bahrain

Bahrain boasts some of the greatest quantities of solar radiation in the world, as well as moderate wind speeds. According to the Gulf Research Centre, the kingdom has the capacity to create roughly 33 TWh of solar energy every year.

Homefix has provided individuals, groups, organisations, industries, ministries, and corporations in Bahrain with dependable and long-term contracting and trading services. We have evolved with our experience by studying the industry in Bahrain and running projects with contracting and renewable energy, as well as solutions and maintenance. Clients have begun to visit Homefix on a regular basis.

With our collective knowledge, we have evolved to be able to manage projects not only with our contracting services, but also with our renewable energy and economical and sustainable solutions – supply, installation, maintenance, and cleaning. More specifically, we offer engineering solutions and complete designs for our clients and partners. We also strive to give the finest level of service quality possible, ensuring that our clients receive the highest level of satisfaction possible.

Our solar energy effort is inspired by the greener future of every industry and family, in support of the Kingdom’s goal of enabling access to affordable and clean energy for all.


Why Homefix?

Our major goal is to present our company as a gorgeous organisation. Superior quality and safety levels are vital models all the way through. Hold on to the schedule, and we’ll do our best to meet it:

    • Ascertain that the duties in which we participate are based on our specific skills. Developed as a result of our nonstop experience with the turn of events Advancement in order to arrive at a set of standard rules and continuous improvement Our exercises have progressed in their field.
    • Using our own resources to gain access to the highest level of efficiency.
    • In all of our activities and administrations, we strive for excellence.
    • According to the project’s information, design, provide and deliver solutions.

Our services

Solar lights

  1. Supply and install street lights  
  2. Supply and install garden lights 
  3. Supply and install floodlights 
  4. Supply and install wall lights

Solar Panels

  1. Supply and install solar panel systems on/off-grid 
  2. Supply and install lithium-ion solar batteries (Lifepo4) 
  3. Supply and install solar panel inverters  
  4. Supply and install solar panel controllers 
  5. Supply and install an automation cleaning system

Smart System

  1. Irrigation system  
  2. CCTV 
  3. Automation  
  4. PLC 
  5. Scada system

Designs & Simulations

  1. Solar light Dulux design  
  2. Solar lights drawing    
  3. Solar panel design system  
  4. Solar irrigation design system  
  5. Solar CCTV design system


  1. Provide solar maintenance & troubleshooting 
  2. Provide cleaning for solar panel Bahrain