Terms & Conditions of Homefix
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Terms & Conditions

Homefix website was launched to provide full stack house maintenance services. The website gives users the access to check services provided by the company and choose the service they want, they can also apply for the service through it either on PC or mobile version. The website was established by Smart Touch, an advertising and digital solutions company located in Bahrain with branches in Riyadh and Cairo.

The website is subject to a number of terms and conditions to be defined here. It’s worth mentioning that using the website or applying for any of the displayed offers means by default that the user has approved the stated terms and conditions in its current state or after any amendment. For that we ask all users to read and revise the terms & conditions and website regulations.


Getting website services

By using the website, you approve the following:

  • You weren’t deliberately prevented from using the service or see the available services
  • You don’t provide similar services in this website or any other
  • Sane and mature person who has the ability to make all deals and transactions


Pledges as a website user

As a user of Homefix, you pledge to:

  • To adhere to all active laws and regulations in the Kingdom of Bahrain and the GCC.
  • Authenticate all entered information like your name, telephone number, or email address
  • Comply to all notifications sent to you by the website admin
  • Not to take advantage of maintenance services in making subcontracts for your own personal benefit
  • Know that all applied services are made for personal use only and they are not available for commercial use by any mean
  • Know that the main goal of this website is offering assistance to a person in need
  • Know that Homefix services are paid

You can cancel the service only within five minutes of the application. In case of canceling the service after the grace period, visit fees will be subdued



All copyrights on the website are owned by Smart Touch Advertising Company. The uploaded content of all its styles are the copyrights of Smart Touch and no one has permission to use it by for any reason.



Services prices are predefined and available in the pricing section on the website.


Paying the service

Applying for the maintenance service on Homefix means by default the approval of paying the stated cost of any service.

  • Homefix has the right to re-evaluate the prices and add extra fees without informing the users
  • The price section will be updated once the new costs are approved
  • The user is entitled to revise the price page on a regular basis
  • Only the user subdues the service cost
  • The user approves to adhere to the service price. From its end, Homefix complies to offering top-quality services
  • In case of buying a new spare part, the user adheres to pay its value
  • The user approves that Homefix is not liable of any rise in spare parts’ prices



By asking for a certain maintenance service, you pledge not to demand compensation from the website admin or technicians in return of any loss or damages caused the maintenance process.


Legal liability

  • Homefix aims at helping households, business owners, and residents in fixing any damage occurs in their homes to the fullest extent
  • Homefix doesn’t guarantee to be free of any malfunctions
  • Homefix doesn’t endure any damage resulting from using the website either on a personal PC or mobile
  • Homefix isn’t to blame on the incapability of using the website due to any server-related malfunction
  • Homefix technicians aren’t obliged to undertake any task different from the originally demanded one
  • The website admin has the right to cancel the service or stall it for a period, it also has the right to add other services
  • The website has the right to prevent any user from entering the website or reaching any of its internal pages


Amending the terms and conditions

Homefix has the right to amend any of the clauses stated here, it also has the right to change its type of activity anytime without informing the users.

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