Keep your house clean: 10 Tips for keeping your home always clean

Keep your house clean: 10 Tips for keeping your home always clean

Home management is hard work. Some days, there is more to do and less time to do. We do what we can, then we plan to get around the rest at the first opportunity. Everything comes to the organization, but not the type that word usually comes across. This type does not include nice containers or labels; it is not a matter of arranging things alphabetically. It comes to seeing the big picture of what to do around a person’s home, then expanding the details as time permits. To do this, you must use the main task list, a secret production weapon. The secret to keep your house clean is doing these simple tasks every day, so you can’t get out of control of messing around.

If you get bored of spending Saturday cleaning up, only to find out on Monday that your house seems to have done nothing, help. From the things you have to do in the morning, to a two-minute mission before bed, these tips are to keep your house clean and will make your place clean throughout the week. And if you want to hire home cleaning experts in Bahrain, call Homefix.

10 Tips to Keep your house clean

1. Make your Bed

Tips to Keep your house clean

Since the most visible surface in the bedroom, the unmade bed makes the entire room look blurry. If bedding is not appropriate, move to a duvet with a removable cover that you can wash every week – and you have to pull it upward, and your mattress should flourish.


2. Empty the Dishwasher Every Morning

Tips to Keep your house clean

Emptying the dishwasher makes keeping the house clean easy because dirty dishes will not have to sit in the sink or at tables. If you have set a time for it, you know it only takes 5 minutes. Do this while preparing coffee, or while waiting for children to prepare for school.


3. Clean up every time you cook

how to keep your house clean

Dirty countertops attract many house flies and insects, and also make your kitchen look awful. Since you already empty the dishwasher, you can quickly load dishes after meals or snacks and then clear the counters. This task does not involve moving everything. Put any food away, sprinkle it and clean around the rest.


4. Do a load of Laundry Daily

Tips to Keep your house clean

Daily laundry is usually life. Pop a load in before heading to work. Or, if the washing machine has a late delay cycle, set it to the correct operation before returning home. Transfer the damp clothes to the dryer after dinner, then fold them during commercial breaks on the TV. Getting rid of one load of laundry takes almost no time. Do it on your way to bed.


5. Wipe sinks and faucets

how Keep your house clean

Toothpaste and hair in the washbasin look bad. Keep a container of disinfectants under the sink, so that they are easy to use. Wipe the washbasin and tap after you’re ready for the day.


6. Sort and recycle paper

Tips to Keep your house clean

Mail, invoices, store bulletins, catalogs, and school papers come in constantly. Putting them aside leads to a pile on the dining table or kitchen table. Then we look at that group and we feel overwhelmed with it, so it continues to grow.


Deal with mail daily when it comes to your home. Shredding in the kitchen, or in an easily accessible place alike, makes handling unnecessary mail simply. Place invoices in a sorter where you can grab them on payday, and throw flyers into the trash. job is done.


7. Use Doormats

how to Keep your house clean

The less soil is tracked inside the house, the less the need to clean the floor. Leave it outside your home with a mop in each exterior door. Vacuum or shake them outside every few days. Additional mats outside the door leading to your garage will trap more debris.


8. Take your Mess with you

Tips to Keep your house clean

Don’t leave overtime to do the next day. After an evening of Netflix and snacks, straighten the blankets on the sofa. Take the popcorn bowl and empty glass to the kitchen and put them in the dishwasher, not in the sink. Ask family members to do the same with their things.


9. Have a Kitchen shutdown routine

best Kitchen cleaning routine

Straightening the kitchen at the end of the day makes for a fun start on the next day. Prepare your coffee maker, put food and mess on the counters, and take out the kitchen trash. Doing these things helps prevent household pests, too.


10. Keeping the house clean schedule

house clean schedule

Imagine how difficult it would be to clean a cup of coffee spilled on the kitchen floor if you allowed it to sit there all night. Immediately scan it, on the other hand, for only a few seconds. The same goes for the rest of your home.


Whether you decide to clean it every single day of the week, or one room per day, following a fixed schedule is one of the most important secrets to keep your house clean. So, don’t wait for your home to look messy before doing the chores. Clean your home on schedule to keep the mess away.


Create a TO-DO List

cleaning TO-DO List

To-Do List is a comprehensive to-do list that you will get when you have the time and energy to do it.


Doing everything on a long list may feel productive, but it also will make you feel like a toil. On the other hand, if you don’t finish a daily to-do list, you may feel guilty.


So, keep your daily to-do list limited to a few things: for example make it usually a daily cleaning routine plus one room cleaning per week and then doing a monthly or seasonal task. Total time: about 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the afternoon.

How to Create a TO-DO List

Make sure it’s portable

Keep your notebook on the kitchen table all day long and push it into your bag when you leave home – just as you would do with your phone.

Walk through your home as you create your list 

At this very moment, you will likely think about more than a dozen things you want to do around the house. Add them to your list, but don’t stop there. Get up, take your list with you, and browse every room in your home. Open each cabinet.

Poke through each cupboard. Write down everything you want to change, clean, organize, repair, etc. Nothing is too small or too big!

Spend hours filling out your list. Go crazy

Yes, that means nothing is done while preparing your list, but that’s fine. The purpose is to get all of these things on paper. You are not obligated to do this next week or even the next month – you just make a list of the things you want to do at some point.

Incorporate tasks into your existing routine

Before cleaning your bedroom, for example, look at your list to find out what you want to do in this room. Your list may include washing your pillows. The time has come: wash them while cleaning your bedroom and you can mark this task. Running errands? Check your list first!

Update your list as needed

Every time you find yourself in the middle of performing one task and thinking about another task. This is where your list is essential: it’s easy to get jot down, jot down a note, and get back to what you’ve been doing. It is also a good idea to do the homework everywhere to see if there are new tasks you want to add.

Give yourself incentives

Every time you finish a full page, this is a reason to celebrate! For you, this could mean treating yourself to a new book or spending an entire day at work doing housework. Your incentives may vary, but it is important that you get some incentives. (It can be inserted into the notebook case as a strong catalyst.)

Don’t go it alone

Just because you created your list doesn’t mean you should be the only one working on it. When children complain that they are bored or want to spend additional money, give them a job from your list.

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