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Facility Management

Facility Management Company in Bahrain

Facility Management Company in Bahrain

For people to do their job better and feel involved in their environments, they need to be in buildings that are safe and full of facilities. Everything that surrounds people is influenced by facilities management. The place where they work, play, learn and live should be comfortable for them.

If you are a property owner, it is very likely that you would find the process of managing its facilities to be both hectic and overwhelming, not to mention its possible negative impact on the value of your investment.


The difference between facilities management and property management

The difference between facilities management and property management

Facility management and property management are not the same. As both manage the day-to-day operations of the facility, property management has a role that includes leasing and marketing things while facilities management is focused on existing tenants who are usually residents. An important feature of facilities management is that it considers human needs for the use of constructed buildings and facilities.

We know that buildings can be one of the highest costs for any organization, and effective space management can result in cost savings of up to 30%. Therefore, we offer a wide range of facilities management services in Bahrain, a multidisciplinary field that includes coordination between buildings, people, water, and wastewater services in order to extend the life of facilities.

One of the most important facilities management services is the maintenance of commercial buildings such as hotels, resorts, schools, offices, sports arenas, conference centers, hospitals, and airports. It can include Air conditioning, electrical power, plumbing, lighting systems, cleanliness, decoration, and security and safety services.

Facilities are operated by managing some of the following activities:

Facilities are operated by managing some of the following activities:

  • Environmental health and safety such as building cleanliness, whether residential or commercial and waste disposal.
  • Garden care, landscaping, and maintenance.
  • Mechanical systems such as HVAC/(heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration) equipment, and elevator maintenance.
  • Power systems such as emergency electrical power systems and standby generators.
  • Automatic building systems, building monitoring systems, security, and locks.
  • Life/Safety systems such as fire detection systems, fire extinguishers, and gas extinguishers.
  • Facility management such as office space planning, systems, and furniture installation.
Homefix Facility Management Company in Bahrain

Homefix Facility Management Company in Bahrain

As the best provider of facility management services in Bahrain, Homefix is here to relieve you of the property facility management burden for good. With Homefix facility management services, we handle the whole aspects and steps of the facility management process. Our facilities management experts will ensure that your facilities are maintained to the highest standards, reducing risks, improving safety, and lowering costs.

Customer-oriented workforce partnering with us makes it our duty to ensure that all of the facilities of your property - including carpentry and furniture, electricity, plumbing, cleaning, decoration, and air conditioning – run smoothly to prevent any possible damage that can be caused by the malfunction of one or more of these services.

At the same time, with the help of our own carefully vetted and dedicated team of skillful and trained technicians and workers who are armed with the most advanced technologies and tools in their industries, our services’ geographical coverage encompasses all the cities and areas of the Kingdom of Bahrain to ensure that we get to your property in a timely manner no matter where it is and no matter what time of the day it is (24/7 services) to fix any issue that would come up with any of its facilities and services effectively and as quick as possible.

Relax and let our qualified team of professionals handle all the heavy work of keeping your property running. Contact us now and we will curate a customized package that fits the nature, specifications, and needs of your property to make sure we cover all the aspects that need to be taken care of in it.


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