Bathrooms tiles: Tips for choosing the best tiles for your bathroom
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Bathrooms tiles: Tips for choosing the best tiles for your bathroom

Last updated on August 18, 2022 13:08 pm

An elegant, clean bathroom means a happy day. Your bathroom is more than just a room, it's where you feel comfortable and relaxed, whether it's large or small. So why not design it with care and with well-thought-out details? Choosing all the beautiful materials, colors, classic and modern designs is the most exciting part of bathroom design. This is where bathrooms tiles and ceramics come into play.

Read this article, which will give you some tips for choosing tiles that are not only limited to floors but also include walls and even ceilings, to help you start designing your bathroom whether you are building it or working on renovating it.


How to choose bathroom tiles

There are many types of bathroom tiles including wood, marble, traditional, and ceramic tiles. We are going to talk about ceramic tiles since they are considered the best of them. Ceramic tiles are any material that has several advantages over others, as it is resistant to any external factors, so here it is important to know how to choose bathroom ceramic tiles.

In the beginning, before buying bathroom tiles, there are several things you should think about:

Determine your budget

You must decide how much you will spend when buying bathroom ceramics; This makes it simpler to purchase and install options so that the cost suits your budget.


Choose a color

Before choosing the shape and design of bathrooms tiles, you should pick out your favorite color. If you like bright, bold, or dark colors then feel free to use them, only match a bright color with neutral colors. You can also use more than one neutral color, like mixing gray and white, to keep the look interesting.


Shower tile should reach the ceiling

If you're renovating the shower, make sure the new tile hits the ceiling, as this will create a much cleaner look and show the finishing quality.


Choose the method of ceramic installation

You have to decide who will install ceramic tiles, whether it is a professional person or a company that specializes in installing tiles, or you can install it by yourself, but it will take a lot of time to learn how to install precisely. Therefore, it is better to hire an expert to avoid damage or cracking. 

Installing wall tiles at an angle is preferable, because this method increases the bathroom’s spaciousness, especially in small bathrooms. After the bathroom tiles are installed, you should not use it immediately and it should be left to dry out.


Consider tile size 

While smaller tiles were more common, 12 x 24s have become the new standard, so the larger the tiles, the bigger space seems.


Bathroom Wall Tiles

Wall tiles are easy to clean and long-lasting. You can choose different design patterns that you want. But you should consider using glossy ceramics on the walls when choosing wall tiles, and design it elegantly and harmoniously to match the matte floors; to avoid the possibility of slipping.


Bathroom Floor Tiles

There are a few things to consider when choosing bathroom floor tiles, the most important of which are:

- Water-resistant, as the bathroom floor is wet, so you should choose a waterproof type of ceramic.

- Durability, bathroom floor ceramic must be durable to resist the shatter that can result from prolonged use.

- Safety, as it is better to choose engraved floors because they are less likely to slip than smooth floors and thus reduce the risk of slipping and ensure safety.


Bathroom tiles ideas for small bathrooms

If your bathroom is small, with a little trick, you can make it appear larger than it is. For example, using one tile on all walls, from floor to ceiling, can help create more space. Also, if the shower tiles are lengthwise up to the top of the ceiling, your bathroom will be granted height, making it appear wider. In addition to the colors, the light shades give a sense of the large space.


Match carpet to bathroom tiles

Some people prefer getting carpets inside the bathroom, to complement the aesthetic of the place. So bathroom rugs have to match the floor tiles. For example, streaks in bathroom ceramics may be inappropriate for some types of bathroom carpets. So you have to be careful when choosing bathroom rugs that suit the bathroom tiles.


Common mistakes when designing bathroom tiles

Some common mistakes should be avoided when designing and choosing bathroom tiles; to get a good result in the end, including:

Choosing tiles based on the shape of the elegant piece, because it looks like it is inappropriate for the rest of the pieces in the bathroom, as the shape, color, and design must be carefully chosen to suit the place where it will be placed.

Focusing on the aesthetic function and elegance of the bathroom at the actual function and original purpose of its usage, and therefore it is necessary to think about whether it is a frequently used home bathroom that needs cleaning daily or a guest bathroom that is less used, considering the presence of children in the house and the nature of their use of it, which needs further analysis to choose the safest tiles that suit them.


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